Presentation Introduction: In our cutting edge, moderately quiet world it is not difficult to fail to remember that we are a group at war. In refrain 12, we are reminded that we have an extremely strong and resolute foe. Our adversary, Satan, is giving it his best shot to overcome, destroy, and obliterate the realm of God. We should battle him an option for God, wearing God's defensive layer. Tragically, numerous devotees don't see the requirement for the covering of God.
We celebrate when we experience little triumphs to a great extent. At the point when we endure the month with enough cash, we count that a profound triumph. At the point when there is no contention in our lives, we feel that is a triumph too. While those things are significant in our everyday lives, they are truly triumphs without fights. They are clashes without foes. They are minutes delighted in by individuals who are truly not battling a conflict. Individuals who think such minutes in life address otherworldly triumph are not keen on protective layer, since they don't perceive this reality: in the event that they are saved, they are at war! There's something else to profound fighting besides having the option to cover your bills on time. In all actuality, each offspring of God is at war. In God's military, there are no postponements, and nobody is absolved from administration. The holy people are at battle with Satan and his military, and we will be until the Lord calls us home to magnificence. In this way, we really want to notice what the Spirit of God is expressing to us in these sections. At the point when Paul says "take unto you the entire protective layer of God," it in a real sense signifies "to take up the entire reinforcement of God." It is the picture of a fighter being given all that he really wants to wage the fight. The protective layer is displayed about him, lying at his feet, All he really want do is get it and placed it on. All that he really wants has been given, however it should be appropriated, assuming that warrior hopes to battle well and in the event that he hopes to endure the contention. Triumph won't come from the inside, just from without. On the off chance that we hope to "endure" the assaults of the foe, that word discusses "opposing," then we should take advantage of a save of force more significant than ourselves. The expression "insidious day" alludes to the times of our lives. That is, every one of the days we live in this world are "shrewd days," since they are days when we go under assault by the adversary and his powers. There will be no rest in this conflict. There will be no truce. There will be no cease-fire. One day of fight will stream into the following, and it will go on until we bite the dust, or until the Lord comes to bring us back home. These are "abhorrent days" since they are long periods of fight, struggle, fighting, and losses. In any case, it is feasible to remain against Satan. It is feasible for individuals of God to "endure" his assaults. We won't "stand" until we "have done all to stand." We won't "stand" until we enjoy taken benefit of all the Lord has accommodated us in Jesus. The manner in which we guarantee that we "have done all to stand" is to submit to His order to "take up" and "put in general covering of God." When that's what we do, God, by His power will make us be "ready to endure." We need to start an investigation of the covering of God today. In stanza 10-12, the Lord educated us concerning the Spiritual Power He has given us. In these sections, He will uncover the Spiritual Provisions we have been given, that have in a real sense been set at our feet. May the Lord help us to "take up" what He has accommodated us with the goal that we would be able "stand up to" the "wiles of Satan." It ought to be the deepest longing of each and every adherent to "stand" reliably for the Lord until He calls us home. At the point when Martin Luther remained before the Diet of Worms on April 2, 1521, he was blamed for blasphemy for his perspectives on salvation. In the wake of being denounced for teaching that men are saved with a supernatural conviction alone in Christ alone, he pronounced, "My still, small voice is hostage to the Word of God.... Here I stand, I can't do in any case." The vast majority of us know somebody who neglected to "stand." For reasons unknown, they surrendered to the "wiles of Satan" and fell into transgression, and out of association with the Lord. It occurs excessively much of the time. Many have shown Sunday School, went to chapel, served the Lord, and, surprisingly, taught the Word of God loyally for a really long time, just to surrender, betray the Lord and leave in to the world. That was Paul's trepidation, "Yet I hold under my body, and bring it into coercion: in case that using any and all means, when I have taught others, I myself ought to be a castaway," 1 Cor. 9:27. It was John's trepidation, "Shift focus over to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have created, yet that we get a full prize," 2 John 8. It ought to be our trepidation as well. We don't need to fall away. We don't need to be precluded. Individuals in the congregation don't need to talk about us in the past tense. We can be steadfast until the end. We can be like Paul,. Who toward the finish of the way, had the option to say, "I have battled a decent battle, I have followed through with my course, I have kept the confidence," 2 Tim. 4:7. I need to have the option to say that, isn't that right? It is conceivable, however provided that we battle the conflict God's direction, in the protection He has given to us to wear. Incidentally, the order is for us to "put on the WHOLE protection." A piece or two won't do the trick. A piece or two will leave portions of our lives helpless against assault. A piece or two of the defensive layer will bring about specific loss. At the point when we wear the "entire covering of God," we are ensured triumph in the conflict with Satan. How about we think about the bits of the profound love of the Spirit of God. The bits of the protective layer we will concentrate on here will help us to "stand up to" the assaults of the adversary. They will assist us with completing great for the brilliance of God. How about we proceed with our investigation of Spirit-Filled Warfare.

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