Introduction: The sections before us talk about otherworldly fighting. They advise us that we are in the battle of our lives. Against a steady, strong foe. We are participated fighting with a profound being who is determined to our obliteration. We are battling against an our adversary God, and who detests us as well. He needs to eat up our families, obliterate our declarations, destroy our congregation, and ruin our God. Be that as it may, this foe of whom I talk isn't almighty. The God we serve is, 1 John 4:4.
While Satan is resolved to our loss, the Lord is keen on giving us the triumph. The Bible tells us obviously that, eventually, God will triumph when it's all said and done the final word, and Satan will be always crushed and ousted to the Lake of fire, Rev. 20:10-15. Meanwhile, God has furnished us with all that we really want to "stand" for Him against anything under the sun. Today, we will start to consider the assets the Lord has given to us to help us "stand" for his purposes, and to appreciate triumph in the otherworldly clashes of life. How about we start to concentrate on the pieces that contain "the entire protection of God." Ephesians 6:10 and 13 both advise us to use this defensive layer in our everyday fighting with the our adversary. The adversary is distinguished as Satan in refrain 12. This section instructs us that the possibly any desire for triumph we have if or us to be enhanced in "the entire reinforcement of God." Stanza 13 tells us to "take unto you the entire shield of God." This in a real sense signifies "to take up." It is the picture of a fighter remaining in the midst of the bits of the reinforcement. He just needs to proper what had been demonstrated for him. When the "take it us", stanza 10 says that he is to "put it on." Armor does no decent in the ordnance, and protective layer does no decent until it is placed on the fighter's body. This shield, whenever used appropriately, will empower us to do what stanzas 11, 13, and 14 say we are to do, and that is "stand." This defensive layer will likewise make it conceivable to "endure," or "oppose," the day to day attacks that come our direction from the adversary. We should start today to inspect the bits of "the entire reinforcement of God." I. V. 14a THE BELT OF TRUTH The standard piece of clothing for the Roman warrior was a baggy tunic. It was actually just a huge, square piece of fabric with openings cut for the arms and head. It was normally worn free, permitting it to wrap over the body. At the point when it came time for the fight to come, that tunic would demonstrate how itself can be exceptionally perilous for the trooper. Since most battle was hand-to-submit old times, giving the foe such a simple handhold would mean unavoidable passing. That, however the tunic, assuming left free, would block the fighter's opportunity of development. Thus, before a fight started, the officer would cautiously accumulate the tunic around his body and hold it set up with a weighty cowhide belt. The expression "girt about" in a real sense means to "secure one's belt." This training was normal among customary residents also. Individuals in that culture wore long, streaming robes. At the point when he needed to move quick, or do some kind of actual work, the robe would be fixed about the body so development would be unhindered. At the point when the Lord would free the offspring of Israel once again from Egypt, and gave them His guidelines concerning the Passover, He told them to "eat it; with your midsections braced, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your grasp; and ye will eat it carelessly: it is the LORD'S passover," Ex. 12:11. They were to be all set. The Lord Jesus advised His kin to be all set too. In Luke 12:35 He said, "Let your flanks be braced about, and your lights consuming." That is, we are to be all set constantly. Our profound flanks are to be braced, as we are to be searching for the approaching of the Lord. We don't wear robes today, yet we are to be "braced" up also. Our "bracing" isn't physical, it is mental and it is otherworldly. This is the way Peter said it: "Wherefore brace up the midsections of your brain, be level-headed, and desire as far as possible for the effortlessness that will be brought unto you at the disclosure of Jesus Christ," 1 Pet. 1:13. The "belt" we wear in our otherworldly fights isn't a belt of calfskin, it is a belt of "truth." The word alludes to "the substance of that which is valid." If we are to "stand" in the "shrewd day", then, at that point, we should "stand" in "reality." At the point when Paul discusses our being "girt about with truth," he is alluding to two or three explicit areas of truth. Allow me to make reference to them to you today. • To start with, there is "reality" tracked down in the Word of God. Jesus said, "Purify them through thy truth: thy word is truth," John 17:17. Without a functioning information on the bits of insight of Scripture, the offspring of God is simple prey for the foe. Paul has previously let us know that there is an extraordinary risk on the off chance that we don't know truth. "That we consequently be no more kids, threw forward and backward, and conveyed about with each wind of regulation, by the skill of men, and sly trickiness, by which they lie on pause to mislead," Eph. 4:14. For that reason the Lord gave us His Word, and for that reason He gave us ministers to clarify it for us. He believes us should know His "truth" so we may "stand" in the "abhorrent day." Without reality, the holy people of God have no establishment, and they are handily steered off course. The best way to battle blunder is with "reality." It is Satan's longing to overcome us, to annihilate us, and to occupy us. He does this by peddling lies. As he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden, Satan is as yet looking to special raised area the Word of God. He believes needs us should disregard "reality" God gives us and embrace his lies that are intended to lead us from the Lord. As I said, the best way to battle blunder with "truth." The best way to know the "reality of the situation" is to be presented to it. The Bible is "truth." The Bible is dependable. It is exact. It is to be perused, and it is to be accepted. The people who read it and accept it before long find that, "All sacred writing is given by motivation of God, and is productive for teaching, for impugning, for rectification, for guidance in honesty: That the righteous man might be awesome, throughly outfitted unto every great work," 2 Tim. 3:16-17. The people who don't before long observe that they are setbacks in the conflict among God and Satan. "Presently the Spirit speaketh explicitly, that in the last option times some will withdraw from the confidence, giving regard to tempting spirits, and precepts of demons," 1 Tim. 4:1. In this way, the Bible is truth. - It shows all we want to be familiar with life and passing, Heaven and Hell, God and Satan, and sin and salvation. - It uncovers our condition before God, Rom. 3:10-23. - It uncovers His answer for our concern, Jesus Christ the Son of God, John 3:16. - It uncovers the method of salvation, Acts 16:31; Eph. 2:8-9. - It uncovers the last fate of the holy people of God, John 14:1-3. - It uncovers the last fate of the lost, Psa. 9:17. The Bible is a book to be perused, accepted, complied, and cherished. The individuals who truly do will be driven into the way of life. The people who don't will spend time everlasting in death. On the off chance that you own a Bible, you ought to laud the Lord for it, and you ought to absorb "reality" it contains everyday. Allow it to impact your life, feed your spirit, guide your means, and lead you to Jesus Christ. It is "truth," and in its pages are life never-ending. Make the Bible your establishment and stand on it! • Second, not in the least does "truth" allude to "the substance of that which is valid," it additionally alludes to "the actual mentality of honesty." This thought appears to get to the core of what Paul is showing us here. Along these lines, in this unique circumstance, it discusses a mentality of responsibility and readiness. It is the essential quality of a genuine devotee, of one who serves God out of truthfulness and not out of bad faith. For this devotee decrepit assistance isn't endured, however they get together the free dress of their lives, and tie it with absolute obligation to the desire of the Lord. Along these lines, they are empowered to "stand." Unreasonably numerous in our day permit the free overlap of their lives to blow around them, obstructing their stroll with the Lord. Like the old warrior who's free tunic would permit the foe to effectively them and pull them down in fight, numerous devotees permit the considerations of this world to encase their lives. Their propensities, cares, and interests trap them keep them from steadfastly serving the Lord as they ought to. Indifferent responsibility isn't correct responsibility by any means! That isn't to be the manner in which adherents carry on with their lives. "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the undertakings of this life; that he might satisfy him who hath picked him to be a warrior," 2 Tim. 2:4. The people who are "girt about with truth," the individuals who are valid, serious devotees, set themselves up for the fight they are in, and they "stand" for His magnificence. At the point when we are braced with "truth," it implies that we are strolling with the Lord in all out responsibility and discipline. The serious Christian is ready in the day of fight, since he has focused on the Lord in complete responsibility. He is valid in his calling and he is focused in his walk. Consequently, the adversary can only with significant effort trap him, or rout him in the day of fight. Competitors show this sort of responsibility and discipline. In Paul's day they would prepare their bodies and penance all that to win a little shrub wreath that would with away and die in the blink of an eye by any means. They train, they work, they persevere, agony, enduring and hardship, for the expectation of winning the commendation of men. For a competitor, there is no assurance that they will find success. They should go up against each and every competitor in the challenge for the triumph. Christians are battling for something far more noteworthy than a short-lived crown. We are battling for the actual brilliance of God. We are to "stand" for Him in the day of fight, since it is His will

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