Introduction: Today, we will consider the last piece of the "the entire covering of God." Allow me to spend a second helping us to remember different bits of the shield and what they address.
The Belt Of Truth discusses a day to day existence that is based upon dependability to the Word of God and to the God of the Word. It discusses our being truth in both our declaration and in our living. This "belt of truth" gives the devotee strength so they are empowered to stand. The "belt of truth" likewise gives a spot to different bits of the reinforcement to rest. Without the "belt of truth" the trooper of God will find different bits of the reinforcement futile. Except if our lives and declarations are established in, and lived out in truth, we won't be capable "to remain in the abhorrent day." The Breastplate Of Righteousness discusses a sacred life. It discusses a daily routine that is experienced in adjustment to the Word of God. A blessed life is a strong protection against the assaults of the foe. At the point when we permit sin to stay in our lives, we give Satan a "foothold" from which he can go after us and take advantage of us, Eph. 4:27. Sin give Satan the ammo he really wants to pounce upon the magnificence of God, and to obliterate and destroy our declarations and notorieties. Individual sacredness shuts the way to Satan, and it shields us from him when he goes after us. The Boots Of Peace talk about our establishment in Jesus. When our "feet are shod with the arrangement of the Gospel of harmony," it implies that we are saved by elegance and that we stand firm in that information. Satan might endeavor to bring up us to issue, yet when we wear The Boots Of Peace, we are certain and secure in our salvation, and we can't be moved. In this way, we become a hard objective for the foe and his assaults. Moreover, The Boots Of Peace give us such trust in how the Lord has helped us that we believe others should be familiar with it as well. Thus, we share the uplifting news of the Gospel with the people who don't have a clue about the Lord in the expectations they will come to know Him as well! The Buckler Of Faith talks about straightforward confidence in God that permits us to trust Him consistently, in all circumstances. At the point when times are great, the "equitable will walk with trust in otherworldly powers," Rom. 1:17. At the point when times are awful, "the fair will walk with conviction." Even when the "red hot darts" of Satan are pouring down surrounding us, "the safeguard of confidence" safeguards us, and permits us to remain in the battle for the magnificence of God. "The authentic safeguard" permits us to "stand, and having done all to stand." When we live behind The Buckler Of Faith, we become an inconceivable objective for Satan to hit. The Bonnet Of Salvation talks about having full confirmation in one's salvation. The cap of salvation safeguards the holy person if God from the twofold edges blade of demoralization and uncertainty. At the point when we are shaky in our relationship with the Lord, we can turn out to be simple prey for the adversary. However, when we are sure that we are saved and secure in Jesus, we can represent Him, in any event, when Satan and his realm assault us. The reclaimed are participated in profound fighting. Our adversary, Satan, still up in the air, persistent, Verses 10-13. "Satan" comes against individuals of God with different "wiles," v. 11. Satan makes every effort to obliterate our confidence and to distract from the God of greatness. It is God's will that we "stand" against the assaults of "Satan", vvs. 11, 13, 14. At the point when we "stand" we "stand firm on a basic footing against the assault of the foe." This discusses "a warrior who won't yield even an inch of ground to a going after enemy." It is the picture of a fighter shielding and safeguarding valuable ground that has proactively been taken from the foe. It is what God implied when He said, "Neither one of the gives spot to Satan," Eph. 4:27. God has given His kin some exceptionally valuable ground. • We have the reality of Who He is, and of how He adores us. • We have His congregation. • We have His Word. • We have His Spirit. • We have His effortlessness. • We have His salvation. • We have His favors. • We have significantly more adjacent to this. Our foe, "Satan," doesn't believe we should have anything that we have been given by God. Along these lines, He does His absolute best to remove those gifts from us. While there are a few things Satan can't remove, he does his absolute best to reduce the impact of those things in our lives. He will endeavor to invalidate the endowments of God that he can't take! Assuming that we are going to "stand" and hold the valuable ground we have been given, then we should "put in general shield of God." We have proactively analyzed The Belt Of Truth, The Breastplate Of Righteousness, The Boots Of Peace, and The Buckler Of Faith. Today, we will think about the last piece of that protective layer: The Blade Of The Spirit. We are informed that The Blade Of The Spirit is "the Word of God." Let's analyze this last piece of the covering and find how "the Word of God" can engage us and empower us to beat our foe Satan. VI. V. 17b THE BLADE OF THE SPIRIT A. THE IDENTITY OF THE BLADE - There are two words utilized for "sword" in the New Testament. • Rhomphaia - (articulated - hrom-fah'- yah) - This word discusses a long, bastard blade. The picture strike a chord when we consider a sword. We will more often than not picture a sword as being long, expansive and twofold edged. This word alludes to that. This sort of sword was utilized close by to hand battle for cutting at ones foe. • Machaira - (articulated - makh'- ahee-rah) - This word alludes to a blade, or all the more explicitly, to the short sword conveyed by the Roman officer. This blade fluctuated long from six to eighteen inches. This kind of sword was utilized close by to hand battle to cut the adversary. The normal strike would be in the stomach region, since in that day, stomach wounds were almost consistently lethal. This blade was known as the "gladius" by the Romans. The word Paul involves here in the subsequent word. He is thinking about the short sword conveyed by each Roman infantryman. It was the warrior's guideline weapon close by to hand battle. This uncovered was conveyed in a casing, went after to the warrior's belt, so it was dependably accessible and prepared for use. It was this sort of sword that Peter used to remove the ear of Malchus, the worker of the great cleric, when the warrior's came to capture Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Matt. 26:47-51. It was this kind of sword that Herod's killers used to saint James, Acts 12:2. The short sword was a key part of the Roman fighter's love. He utilized it to shield himself, and to assist him with achieving many everyday undertakings around camp. The sword Paul has at the top of the priority list is certainly not an actual sword. Paul recognizes this "sword" as "the blade of the Spirit, which is the expression of God." So, this "sword" is a profound weapon that will be involved by the devotee to out otherworldly clash with Satan. This otherworldly "sword" is "of the Spirit." This alludes to its starting point. This advises us that the Bible isn't a synthetic book. The Bible is an otherworldly book, that came to us from the Spirit of God. • "All sacred text is given by motivation of God, and is productive for regulation, for criticism, for rectification, for guidance in honesty: That the righteous man might be great, throughly outfitted unto every single great work," 2 Tim. 3:16-17. • "For the prescience came not in that frame of mind by the desire of man: yet blessed godly men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost," 2 Pet.1:21. I would remind you today that the Bible in your grasp is no common book. • It is the Word of God. • It is propelled by God. • It is reliable, and it is inerrant. • It very well may be relied upon. • It very well may be accepted. It's words are the actual expressions of God. In its pages we find: • The reality of Who God is. • The reality of what our identity is. • The actual brain of God. • The personality of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. • The method for being saved. • The wellspring of all confidence. • Help for each fight we face. • Trust for each street we travel. • Harmony for the hours of strife. • Euphoria to support us in the midst of distress. • Savvy addresses for every one of the inquiries of life. • Direction and heading for every one of the ways we walk. On the heavenly creation of Scripture John Wesley said, "The Bible absolute requirement been composed by God or great men or terrible men or great holy messengers or awful heavenly messengers. However, terrible men and awful heavenly messengers wouldn't compose it since it denounces terrible men and terrible holy messengers. Also, great men and great holy messengers wouldn't mislead by lying about its power and asserting that God composed it. Thus the Bible unquestionable requirement been composed as it professes to have been composed — by God who by His Holy Spirit motivated men to record His words utilizing the human instrument to convey His reality." The Bible is a book to be perused, accepted, cherished, shared, delighted in, and trusted. It is the Word of God! We should immerse our lives in its bits of insight and absorb the wonders it contains. There could be no other book like it on the planet. The Bible alone is a profound book. The Bible alone is the Word of God. In this way, when Paul talks about the "blade of the Spirit," he is alluding to God's Word. A. The Identity Of The Blade B. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BLADE - Just as the short sword was vital for crafted by the Roman warrior, the Word of God is crucial for the Christian trooper. There is word in our text that we really want to take a gander at briefly. "Word" in refrain 17, is the Greek word "rhema." The word in a real sense signifies "an expression." In different spots in the New Testament, four Greek words are deciphered "word" in our English Bibles. Two of those words are utilized most frequently. One of those words is "logos". The other is "rhema". We should analyze those w

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