Introduction: On March 22, 1824 an episode known as the Fall Creek Massacre occurred in Madison County, Indiana. Six white men killed nine Native Americans from the Seneca and Miami clans and injured another. Among the nine dead were three ladies and four youngsters. The six men were captured, attempted and condemned to death.
One of the men, a young fellow named John Bridge Jr., was condemned to kick the bucket by hanging as far as concerns him in the slaughter. His execution date was set for June 3, 1825. His dad, John Bridge Sr. furthermore, his uncle, Andrew Sawyer, were likewise to pass on around the same time. The other three men had recently been executed. As an enormous group assembled to observe the execution, they were anticipating that the lead representative should exculpate all the blamed. Without really any indication of an exculpation be that as it may, a message was taught, and the group stood by hopefully. John Bridge Jr., alongside the others, looked as his dad and uncle were hanged. At last, John Bridge, Jr. was lead to the scaffold and the rope was brought down over his head. As the executioner hung tight for a sign, a cheer emerged from the rear of the group. An outsider rode forward and looked the censured man in the face. "Mr. Bridge, do you be aware in whose presence you stand?" Span shook his head no. The outsider said, "There are nevertheless two powers known to the law that can save you from draping by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead; one is the incomparable God of the Universe, the other is J. Earthy colored Ray, Governor of the State of Indiana; the last option remains before you." As the lead representative gave the executioner a composed exoneration, the lead representative declared, "You sir are exculpated." In a moment, what had all the earmarks of being what is happening turned into an entryway of trust. John Bridge Jr. returned home, settled down, opened a dry merchandise store and kicked the bucket calmly, after 51 years! I recounted that story to ask this: • Might you at any point envision the apprehension that probably gripped the core of that young fellow as he watched his dad and his uncle kick the bucket, it was close to know that he? • Might you at any point envision the dread as he was driven onto the scaffold and that noose was set around his neck? • It probably been a snapshot of fear that couple of have at any point experienced! Our text informs us concerning a lady who knew exactly the way that John Bridge Jr. probably felt. The liable lady, what story's identity is' connected here, knew that sort of dread. As she is carried shaking into the presence of Jesus, she knows in her heart that she is going to be battered to the point of death. At the point when this lady met Jesus, her life changed until the end of time. Her wrongdoing was excused. Her culpability was taken out. Her trepidation was gone to harmony. What had all the earmarks of being a lost cause unexpectedly turned into a period of pardoning, salvation and delight. I need to look at The Case Of The Guilty Woman today. We should envision the scene. It is promptly in the first part of the day. Jesus is sitting in the Temple. A group has accumulated around Him as He shows them the expression of God. It is a scene of harmony and quietness. Out of nowhere, the calm is broken by the clamor of an oncoming group. Irate male voices are yelling. There is a battle. With a shudder voice, a lady shouts out for kindness. In the following second the group arrives at Jesus, and a tousled, sobbing lady is tossed at His feet. Her informers send off into their assault against her. They guarantee to have gotten her taken part in a detestable sin. They carry her to Jesus and they request that He answer a basic inquiry: "We got this lady in the demonstration of committing infidelity. The Law of God says this lady ought to be battered to the point of death. What do you say regarding this lady and her transgression?" • This unfortunate lady's story addresses us today. • This story instructs us that no heathen is excessively far gone. • It instructs us that no ones culpability is excessively profound. • It instructs us that nobody is past the scope of the beauty of God. • This is an account of trust amidst sadness. Notice with me current realities of her story that show us the sublime effortlessness of God as we think about The Case Of The Guilty Woman. I. THE SINNER AND HER GUILT A. The Woman And Her Sin - This lady was trapped in "the actual demonstration" of infidelity v. 4. Clearly, this is lady was pledged to be hitched. I say that since pledged ladies who were viewed as at legitimate fault for infidelity were stoned, while wedded ladies were choked. She was discovered having sexual relations with a man to whom she was not locked in. She was at real fault for a horrible sin, of that there was no question. Her responsibility is undoubtedly. Allow me just to say, infidelity is a detestable sin. We have whitewashed it in our day and we refer to it as "an undertaking." God calls it infidelity and He says it is a wrongdoing! Seeing why is simple. • It violates the Law of God. • It abuses marriage promises. • It breaks hearts and obliterates families. • It corrupts sex. • It obliterates trust. • It breaks dreams. • It is terrible, evil, and reprehensible. • It ought to never work out, yet it does. However, however terrible as the wrongdoing of infidelity seems to be; it is no more awful, according to God, than some other sin, James 2:10. All transgression is malevolent in His sight. Surely, a few sins convey more noteworthy outcomes than others. For example, infidelity can obliterate your marriage; you could get a physically communicated sickness; or a large number of other horrendous things can occur. Balance that with somebody who takes a sweet treat from a store without paying for it. It works out and nobody however God and the shoplifter have a lot of insight into it. We see those transgressions and we think they are completely different. While, they in all actuality do convey boundlessly various results assuming the delinquent is gotten, in God's eyes, notwithstanding, they are exactly the same thing. They are both sin! Sin, paying little mind to how enormous or how little we feel that wrongdoing is, is only an impression of the debasement that exists inside the human heart. As a matter of fact, regardless of whether we could some way or another carry on with our entire lives without committing a solitary sin with our bodies or to us, we would in any case stand blameworthy as heathens before the Lord! • "As it is composed, There is none equitable, actually no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are totally made a special effort, they are together become unfruitful; there is none that doeth great, actually no, not one. Their throat is an open catacomb; with their tongues they have utilized double dealing; the toxin of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is loaded with reviling and harshness: Their feet are quick to shed blood: Destruction and wretchedness are in their ways: And the method of harmony have they not known: There is no apprehension about God before their eyes," Rom.3:10-18. • "For all have trespassed, and miss the mark on the magnificence of God," Rom. 3:23. • "In any case, the sacred writing hath closed all under wrongdoing, that the commitment with a supernatural conviction of Jesus Christ may be given to them that accept," Gal. 3:22. Every one of us is similarly essentially as blameworthy as this double-crossing lady, our concern is that we just will not confess to it. What's more, conceding that we are heathen is the most important move toward tracking down absolution. B. The Woman And Her Shame - This unfortunate lady was snatched up from where she was taken part in infidelity. In their flurry to carry this lady to Jesus, her informers might not have given her adequate opportunity to get appropriately dressed. She is uncovered truly. She is embarrassed. Past that, her actual profound condition is presented so anyone might see for themselves. Everybody understands what she is and what she has done. She is brought to public disgrace. I keep thinking about whether she saw exactly the way in which despicable her transgression was according to the Lord? Sin is something disgraceful! • It is disgraceful when it is being dedicated. • It is disgraceful when it is a wrongdoing of the heart. • It is despicable when it is a wrongdoing in the tissue. • It is despicable when it is finished in the open. • It is despicable when it is finished covertly. • The miscreant will constantly be brought to disgrace, while possibly not before others, doubtlessly before the Lord. For, regardless of how capably sin is stowed away from the eyes of others, Jesus has a profound knowledge of it. "The eyes of the LORD are in each spot, viewing the malevolent and the upside," Pro. 15:3. One day stowed away sin will be uncovered so anyone might be able to see. That is the Lord's unmistakable assertion. • "Consequently at all ye have spoken in murkiness will be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in storerooms will be announced upon the rooftops," Luke 12:3. • "… and be certain your wrongdoing will think that you are out," Num. 32:23. At some point, even the genuine condition of the miscreant's heart will be uncovered, reality with regards to your calling will likewise be disclosed, Matt. 7:21-23. C. The Woman And Her Sentence - This lady was liable, and the ones who charged her were right; she had the right to pass on. The Law of God said as much: • "What's more, the man that committeth infidelity with another man's significant other, even he that committeth infidelity with his neighbor's significant other, the philanderer and the adulteress will definitely be killed," Lev. 20:10. • "On the off chance that a man be found lying with a lady wedded to a spouse, then, at that point, the two of them will of them pass on, both the man that lay with the lady, and the lady: so shalt thou set aside evil from Israel," Deut. 22:22. Double-crossing ladies who were pledged were battered to the point of death, wedded ladies were choked, and in the event that the lady was the little girl of a minister, she was to be singed to death. These sorts of execution sound unforgiving to us, yet they were established to safeguard the sacredness of sex, the heavenliness of marriage, and the ethical immaculateness of the country of Israel. Obviously, there was a little issue with their allegation: Where was her accomplice? Both should kick the bucket for this wrongdoing! The man might have been essential for this plan to go after Jesus. He might have been permitted to get away. Despite where the man was, this lady was blameworthy and she had the right to pass on. Once more, there is an example here for us: no one pulls off wrongdoing! Sin requests a value, an

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