Introduction: There are numerous measuring sticks by what men measure achievement. Among them are: riches, influence, position, distinction, and so on. These are marks of common achievement. In any case, estimating your profound achievement and your prosperity as a Christian is somewhat more troublesome. Frequently, there is minimal unmistakable, noticeable proof, which you can put your hands on to demonstrate you are carrying on with an effective Christian life. By and large, accomplishment for the devotee is more inward that outside. What I mean by that is this, the limited quantity of outer proof we produce is the aftereffect of much inside movement in our souls and lives. For that reason it is challenging for God's kids, who live in a materialistic world, to measure their outcome in their daily life with the Almighty.
Fortunately Psalm 1 exists. In this commendable doorkeeper to the songs, we find understanding into what makes a devotee effective. This evening, as the plumbline of God's Word moves close by you life, see with your own eyes exactly the way that you compare God's norm for effective Christian living. As we travel through this Psalm, permit me to impart to you The Characteristics Of The Successful Believer. I. v. 1 THE PATH OF THE SUCCESSFUL BELIEVER A. The Successful adherent is isolated in his social status. 1. He doesn't Believe like the fiendish - (Ill. He doesn't pay attention to their insight and solicitations to evil) His hearing is turned somewhat higher! 2. He doesn't Behave like the devilish - 2 Cor. 5:17 - (Ill. The elderly person has been put everlastingly away!) 3. He doesn't Belong with the devilish - 2 Cor. 6:17 0 (Ill. He feels awkward when encircled by Satan's group. B. Sick. The descending advancement - Walk, Stand, Sit. (Sick. This is the way Lot took - Gen. 19. It at last prompted his absolute defeat!) C. The fruitful devotee understands that there is a huge contrast among himself and the world he was saved out of, and he lives likewise! II. v. 2 THE PLEASURE OF THE SUCCESSFUL BELIEVER (Sick. The fruitful devotee is truly and totally enamored with the Word of God.) A. The Word Has Captured His Full Affection - Delight = Pleasure! The Word of God isn't a Book of tales, fantasies and legends. To the offspring of God it is the actual Word of Truth. it is God-inhaled and reliable, inerrant and totally awesome. He adores it and he lives it, finding in its pages all he really wants to develop and thrive for Jesus. (Sick. The worth of the Word: 1. It is Food - Job 23:12; Matt. 4:4 a. Milk for the child - 1 Pet. 2:2 (Ill. It gives the child Christian all that he really wants to grow serious areas of strength for up solid!) (Ill. It should be ready and served right nonetheless!) b. Meat for the developing - Heb. 5:12-14 (Ill. It gives all we really want to make areas of strength for us the Lord!) c. Bread for everybody - John 6:51 (Ill. Bread is the staple food of the world! Regardless of where you go, individuals need the Bread of life!) d. Honey for those out of luck - Psa. 19:10 (Ill. nothing has the ability to empower as does a Word from God!) 2. It is Light - Psa. 119:105 3. It is Truth - John 17:17 4. It is a Mirror - James 1:23-25 5. It is Water - Eph. 5:25-27 a. It Cleanses - Eph. 5:26 b. It Quenches - John 4:13-14 c. It Refreshes - Psa. 119:150 6. It is a Seed - 1 Pet. 1:23 7. It is a Sword - Heb. 4:12; Eph. 6:17 8. It is a Hammer - Jer. 23:29 a. It can Build Up - Pro. 16:24 b. It can Tear Down - Rev. 2:16; 19:15, 21 9. It is a Fire - Jer. 20:9; Luke 24:32 (Sick. The fruitful adherent is enamored with the Bible. He realizes that in its pages, he can track down all that his spirit requires. It epitomizes the total disclosure of God to men. It addresses the issue of the Christian life.) Do you adore it as you ought to? B. It Has Captured His Full Attention - Not just does the successfulbeliever love the Book, however he experiences the Book day to day. The Bible is incorporated and it turns into the particular norm for confidence and practice. Each thought, each move, each choice is made against the scenery of God's Word, and what it needs to say regarding an issue. Notwithstanding, before life can at any point be lived in this style, the Bible should be consumed and made an essential piece of what your identity is - 2 Tim. 2:15. (Sick. The Psalmist announces that the effective adherent spends his days and his evenings chasing after the Book. Does the Bible fill your contemplations? Do you wind up consumed with its substance and hypnotized in the contemplation of it? The Bible is never better compared to when it is perused and afterward lived out!) III. v. 3 THE PROSPERITY OF THE SUCCESSFUL BELIEVER (Sick. The commitments of this stanza are restrictive. At the point when we carry on with isolated lives and feed our spirits on God's Word, then, at that point, we can anticipate that these things should occur for us.) A. His Position - By the River! Continuously near the nurturing assets. (Sick. This was significant to Israel with her for the most part parched conditions.) The tree established by the waterway is rarely dry and shriveled, yet is green, lavish and exquisite. (Sick. The devotee who lives near God won't ever be dry and withered by the same token. He will be energetic, exuberant and useful.) (Ill. Many never know the delight of drawing off Christ everyday! Accordingly, they are in a deep sense shriveled and dead looking.) The dry spells of life and the dry seasons never appear to influence the devotee who is established close to the stream. He is associated with an unfailing wellspring of life and strength. B. His Prominence - Ill. A tree. The existence of the fruitful believerstands heads over every one of people around him. It is effortlessly seen when a man draws from the Lord. (Sick. Men will know when you have been with Jesus - Acts. 4:13) C. His Permanence - Planted - Unlike a few plants, which live for a season and cease to exist, this tree, has sunk its root profound and has a secret wellspring of life. (Sick. The worth of private petition and Bible Study.) (Ill. Planted - in a real sense "relocated." A tree can't relocate itself, neither could a man at any point relocate himself into the Kingdom of God. It is entirely a work of God's beauty. Also, He generally establishes us in great soil, close to the water supply. Notwithstanding, after we are planted, it is our obligation to draw from the assets, which God has given.) D. His Productivity - "Delivers organic product" - The effective devotee is a gift to every one of people around him, since his natural product is copious. (Sick. John 7:38) (Ill. Old apple tree in the cow field. Man, cows, birds and bugs all profited from the natural product off this old tree.) (Ill. You might very well never realize exactly who is taking care of off your life!) E. His Predictability - "In his season" This tree isn't an oddity. Similarly as there are times of organic product bearing, so there are seasons of rest and development. As adherents, we aren't to stress over the natural product. That is the Father's business! When all the other things is as it ought to be, then the organic product will come in its season - John 15:1-5. F. His Perpetuity - "leaf will not blur" - The effective adherent resembles an evergreen. He is constantly encircled by the green of life. (Sick. The trees in the wintertime. The hardwoods and verdant trees are look dead, however the evergreens stand apart as islands of life in an ocean of deadness. They are unaffected by winter or climate, however they are generally something very similar.) (Ill. our day to day routines ought to be lives of consistency! We are approached to be a steady, devoted and reliable individuals - 1 Cor. 15:58) The effective devotee is reliable. The curveballs of life can't knock him off base. (Sick. Thank the Lord for steady individuals!) (Ill. Life lived by this waterway in constant.) G. His Prosperity - "At all he doeth, it will thrive" - all in all, God will favor the effective adherent. His own life, his everyday life, his business life, his congregation life, his otherworldly life will be generally honored of the Lord. Yet again it is not necessarily the case that there won't be turbulent oceans, however the fruitful devotee will actually want to cruise them with Jesus until they are quiet! Conc: Do you have the attributes of the fruitful adherent? Provided that this is true, the Bible, in stanza 1, says you are "Honored." This signifies "Goodness how extremely, blissful." I genuinely want to believe that you have seen yourself among the cheerful ones and are supported about you stroll with Jesus this evening. You see it is feasible to find true success for Christ and know it with out being bombastic! Yet again notwithstanding, in the event that you saw yourself ailing in a portion of these areas, Jesus stands eager to get going to make those things right. How about we make anything that strides are important to cause our lives to be the victories they can and ought to be.

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