Introduction: There is a fascinating book available that advises individuals how to manage life's most pessimistic scenario situations. The name of this book is The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook. It very well may be something that you would need to investigate for yourself. Here are only a couple of the sections contained in this book.
• Step by step instructions to escape from a sand trap • The most effective method to hot-wire a vehicle • The most effective method to battle off a shark • The most effective method to escape from a bear • Step by step instructions to escape from a mountain lion • The most effective method to endure a noxious snake assault • Instructions to escape from Africanized honey bees • Instructions to wrestle liberated from a crocodile • Step by step instructions to manage a charging bull • Instructions to set down a plane • Instructions to make due in the event that your parachute neglects to open • Step by step instructions to endure a tremor • Step by step instructions to endure when hapless adrift • The most effective method to play out a tracheotomy • The most effective method to take a punch • The most effective method to win a sword battle • The most effective method to bounce from a moving vehicle Presently, it is conceivable that you won't ever confront any of the situations I have referenced. However, it is conceivable that you could wind up in the very place that Job tracked down himself. To him, the most obviously awful thing that could happen had occurred. He tells us that in any event, when life was great and things we turning out well for him, he was generally apprehensive that this very thing would occur. What occupation looked in his life was his most dire outcome imaginable. What occupation got through was awful, however what he realized was beyond value. I believe that we should join Job earlier today for a gander at a portion of the examples that can be gained from his experience. What he realized will help you and me when we face the troublesome long stretches of life. Can we just be look at things objectively, we as a whole have a most dire outcome imaginable to us. That thing that we think would be more awful than whatever else throughout everyday life. In some cases, those very things end up peopling. At any rate, there will be times when everything will go horribly wrong for your life and you will enter the valley of burden. At the point when this occurs, you want to know what's in store and how to respond. The book of Job shows us how to Deal With Life's Worst-Case Scenarios. There will be situations that we will confront that won't be canvassed in the handbook I referenced, yet they are shrouded comprehensively in the book I grasp today. I need to impart a portion of that data to you today. Thus, we should take a concise excursion through Job toward the beginning of today as we contemplate the suspected "Managing Life's Worst-Case Scenarios". I. THE CHARACTER OF JOB'S LIFE A. He Lived A Godly Life - (1:1; 1:8; 1:5; 1:20-22; 2:3, 10) B. He Lived A Good Life - (1:2-3) C. He Lived A Graced Life - (1:9-11; 2;4-5) (Note: A daily existence lived for the Lord is marvelous sight! At the point when an individual devotes their life to the Lord, it carries them into a situation to encounter His beauty and gifts in a significant and brilliant manner. There isn't anything in this world that can contrast with a day to day existence lived in and for the desire of God! A day to day existence lived for Him is a day to day existence not squandered, yet it is an existence of significant worth. It is a daily existence that God can take and use to exhibit His elegance to a perishing world, Eph. 2:10; Matt. 5:16. It is a day to day existence that He can hold up before Satan, as He did with Job, and say, "Look what I can do through effortlessness!" The genuine life is something valuable! It directs the way toward Heaven. It show the world that there is a superior way whereupon to walk. It sets the model for the youthful. It is an everyday routine very much experienced!) (Sick. Dr. M. R. DeHaan utilized a supportive delineation to impart the worth of sacredness. A bar of steel worth $5 can yield any of the accompanying: If made into horseshoes it will be valued at $10. Produce needles, and the worth becomes $350. Use it to make sensitive springs for costly watches and it will yield $250,000. We are like the $5 bar of steel. Our obligation to heavenliness will decide if we become Christians of negligible, moderate, or critical profound impact. Envision the worth of a genuine life in our present reality!) (Note: How might you say your life piles facing Job's? Companions, it is conceivable, and it is the desire of God, for each individual here to carry on with a genuine, great and graced life! Is it safe to say that you are doing precisely that?) II. THE CALAMITIES OF JOB'S LIFE A. His Calamities Touched His Fortune - (1:14-17) B. His Calamities Touched His Family - (1:18-19; 2:9) C. His Calamities Touched His Fitness - (2:1-8) (Note: Job carried on with a decent and faithful life, still catastrophe came. His was a day to day existence favored and graced by God, yet at the same time inconvenience followed his life. Our text recommends that in any event, during the great seasons of life, Job lived fully expecting his worst situation imaginable turning into a reality. Clearly, our companion Job was a downer! Sick. Say thanks to God, the majority of the times our concerns are badly established! Notwithstanding, there are times when life will carry with it a most dire outcome imaginable. Such is the situation in the accompanying story. "A young man was driving a hayrack not too far off when the cart fell over before a rancher's home. The rancher emerged, saw the young man crying, and said, "Child, don't stress over this, we can fix it. The present moment it's time to eat. How about you come in and eat with us and afterward I'll assist you with returning the feed on the rack." The kid said, "No, I can't. My dad will be exceptionally irate with me." The rancher said, "Presently sit back and relax, just come in and have some lunch and you'll feel much improved." The kid said, "I'm simply apprehensive my dad will be extremely furious with me." The rancher and the young man headed inside and ate. A short time later, as they strolled outside to the hayrack, the rancher said, "Presently, child, don't you feel improved after that extraordinary dinner?" The kid said, "OK yet I simply realize that my dad will be exceptionally furious with me." The rancher said, "Garbage. Where is your dad at any rate?" The kid expressed, "He's under that cart.") (Note: It would do us great to recollect toward the beginning of today that a decent life in not a fence against inconvenience! Being authentic doesn't ensure that we will be liberated from disaster! We appear to have the possibility that when we live right, we are qualified for endowments. This is simply not the situation! A portion of God's most valuable holy people have gotten through the best of torments! Sick. Paul - 2 Cor. 11:23-28; Daniel - Dan. 6; The Hebrew Three - Dan. 3; David and every one of the preliminaries of his life! Indeed, even the Lord Jesus was classified "a man of distresses.", Isa. 53:3. For what reason would it be a good idea for us to feel that we are to be excluded from the hardships of life? Recollect what the Bible says regarding the matter, Job 14:1; Job 5:7; John 16:33.) (Note: paying little heed to what you anticipate that life should bring along, there will never be a spot in your life for stress! Stress and unnecessary considerations shows a significant absence of confidence in the capacity of God. Stress is a titanic exercise in futility, truth be told! Mark Twain said, "I have had to deal with a few horrendous things in my day to day existence, some of which really occurred." ) III. THE CLASSROOM OF JOB'S LIFE A. He Learned Lessons About The Person Of God - Chapters 38-41 B. He Learned Lessons About The Purposes Of God - Chapters 3-37; 42:1-5 C. He Learned Lessons About The Power Of God - Chapters 38-41; 42:10-12 (Note: While God Himself affirmed about the authentic, great and graced life of Job, God realized there were parts of Job's life that required consideration. Hence, to chip away at these areas, God sent Job to the study hall of hardship. There, this man learned examples that are not effortlessly neglected! He learned examples that the majority of us need to advance too. Permit me to impart a couple of them to you. 1. He discovered that no everyday issue is protected from trouble or disturbance. The example in this is that our kind gestures ought to be set somewhat higher than this world. Before his preliminaries, Job was enamored with God, yet he was additionally infatuated with his stuff. During his preliminaries, he took in the important illustration that God alone ought to be the object of our adoration and friendship, Matt. 6:19-21. What has your consideration and fondness earlier today? 2. He discovered that God's motivation in preliminary isn't to break us, yet to develop us. He would rather not rebuff us, yet to consummate us! Frequently, the best examples in life are learned in the heater of burden. (Sick. The pupils in the tempest, Mark 6; The Three Hebrews in the heater, Dan. 3; Daniel in the place of extreme peril, Dan. 6, and so forth) None of these would have at any point realized what God could do until they were placed where they required Him to make it happen! 3. He discovered that God's motivations and plans for our lives are many times outside our ability to understand, Isa. 55:8-9. What God does and why He improves left with Him! Looking to comprehend the reasons and thought processes of the Lord for what He does and permits in our lives is like attempting to comprehend how power functions. Our brains struggle with getting a handle on it, yet at the same time we can appreciate it, in the event that we simply acknowledge it leaning on an unshakable conviction! 4. He discovered that God is totally sovereign in all of life - Nothing happens to you or me without His consent, Remember, God's objective in each circumstance in life is your great and His magnificence, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17. He is in charge of each and every turn of life's street, Psa. 37:23. Note: when you have God in you driving you, God will continuously incline toward God! 5. He discovered that eventually, everything worked out right - The Bible is clear when it lets us know that "The sufferings of here and now are not qualified to be contrasted and the brilliance that will be uncovered in us.", Rom. 8:18. Eventually, life's up and downs will be all impeccably mixed into exactly what God expected for us in any case. (Sick. An excursion to the paint store. At the point when you need a specific, the individual will take a wide range of varieties you would rather not give you what you really want. God does likewise for us!) IV. THE CONSUMMATION OF JOB'S LIFE A. It Was A Time Of

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