Introduction: Do you simply need more? We live in a general public that blossoms with more. Individuals wherever are after additional cash, more stuff and more power. From the very rich person who needs more cash, to the government official who needs more influence, to the youngster who needs more pureed potatoes; everyone simply needs more! While individuals who live in this world all need a greater amount of this world's stuff, there appear to be not many individuals who are after more in the profound domain.
In section 12 of our text we are informed that "the LORD favored the last option end of Job more than his start". I'm keen on that word "more". Webster characterizes "more" as being "in more prominent amount, sum, measure, degree, or number." all in all, the Lord worked in Job's life to give him "more" toward the finish of his life than he had toward the start of his life. I need the "more" that God can give me! I'm not intrigued by the "more" of cash, power, acknowledgment, and so forth. I'm keen on the "more" of the otherworldly domain. (Sick. On the little finish of something genuine big!)I need to let you know that I Want More! I need a greater amount of all that God needs to give me. I need to investigate the existence of Job today. His encounters have a comment to us about this issue of getting "more". I might want to share current realities of getting "more" as they are uncovered in the book of Job. I need to teach regarding the matter I Want More. We should discuss how to have more! I. THE PATHWAY OF MORE (Sick. The individuals who get "more" walk an extraordinary way. God doesn't simply give His "more" to everybody. He gives His "more" to the individuals who stroll with Him.) A. 1:1, 8; 5 It Is A Path Of Holiness - Only the individuals who carry on with clean lives meet all requirements for the "more" (Ill. 2 Cor. 6:14-18; James 4:8; Amos 3:3) B. 42:1-4 It Is A Path Of Honesty - Those who need "more" keep short records with the Lord! (Sick. David had "more" since he spoke the truth about his wrongdoings, Psa. 51:17.) God doesn't believe we should take cover behind a veil of lip service. He maintains that us should speak the truth about our condition, Pro. 28:13; 1 John 1:9. (Sick. Isa. 57:15) C. 1:20-22; 42:5-6 It Is A Path Of Humility - (Ill. Work lowered himself before the Plan of God and the Person of God. It was an arrangement he was unable to comprehend and it was a Person he was unable to grasp. At any rate, he respected the Lord! He got under God!) Those who get "more" are the individuals who humble themselves and respect God and what He is doing. (Sick. You can see this reality worked out the whole way through the Bible - Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Widow of Zaraphath, Simon Peter, Luke 5; the Disciples, John 21; Three Hebrews; Daniel; Noah; and so forth. They all got "more" on the grounds that the lowered themselves before God and His ideal arrangement!) (Sick. This way is difficult; yet the main way prompts "more"; and I need more!) II. THE PRICE OF MORE (Sick. More isn't modest! The cost includes the deficiency of all you esteem. Acquiring the "more" requires living with "less"! ) A. The Price is Less Stuff - (Ill. Employment lost all that he esteemed throughout everyday life! - Finances, Family, Fitness, Friends) Most of us are occupied with expanding our stuff. We neglect to comprehend, notwithstanding, that our stuff can interfere with us and getting "more". Once in a while more stuff rises to less of God's "more". Jesus forewarned us against looking for the "more" of this world and He moved us to look for the "more" of that world, Matt. 6:19-21. Sick. 2 Cor. 4:17-18 - The "more" of this life is transient. (Sick. Oprah - $260 million) The "more" God gives is timeless. Here and there we should lose our "more" so we can acquire His "more". (Sick. Conundrum - Less will rise to more!) B. The Price Is Less Self-(Ill. Work was lowered and embarrassed! Sick. Work 2:7; 1:3; 2:8-13) Often the greatest hindrance among us and "more" is us! Work got "more" when Job turned out to be "less", Job 42:6. Before Job got more he needed to make due with less! Can we just be real, self doesn't need "more" assuming self needs to turn out to be "less". Self needs to be "more". (Sick. Self like the greatness, acknowledgment and commendation) The key to getting God's "more" is making self "less". (Sick. John the Baptist - He was ready to be "less" so Jesus could be "more", John 3:30. Yet, by turning out to be "less" John got "more", Matt. 11:11.) The manner in which you and I become "less" is by being certain He turns out to be "more", 1 Cor. 10:31. (Sick. Getting "more" isn't modest! It might cost you all that you esteem throughout everyday life. In any case, getting God's "more" merits living with "less".) III. THE PRIVILEGES OF MORE A. v. 8-10 The More Of God's Power - (Ill. Setting) Those who get "more" have power with God. They are in a position of closeness with God and He answers their solicitations. (Sick. Elijah, 1 Kings 17:1; James 5:17-18) (Ill. Percy Ray; John R. Rice; and so on) I need "more" of that! B. v. 11 The More Of God's Provision - Those who have "more" don't appear to worry about the necessities of this life. They trust God to give them what they need, as per His commitments, Phil 4:19; Matt. 6:25-34. (Sick. God will perform every miracle necessary to address your issue - Ill. Elijah and his ravens, 1 Kings 17:3-6; Ill. Hungry widow and child.) C. v. 11-13; 16-17 The More Of God's Providence - Catalog the last favors of Job. The individuals who get "more" before long find that God has an approach to bringing His "more" out of our "less". (Sick. God favored all that Job had for quite a long time!) He does likewise in our lives! (Sick. West Side Baptist Church; Beatrice, NE - 3-1-1950 - Wednesday - 18 individuals saved!) (Ill. Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17) (Ill. Life is about John 13:7!) D. v. 14-15 The More Of God's Praises - Out of the dimness of Job's life God showed the illumination of His brilliance. He gave Job a few purposes behind acclaim closely following tragedy. (Sick Job's family, calm and miserable; and the introduction of new infants.) 1. Jemima - Day or Dove - God had gone obscurity to light. God enjoyed rescued harmony once again from disturbance. 2. Kezia - Fragrance - God had supplanted the smell of misfortune with the scent of triumph. 3. Kerenhappuch - Box of Eye Paint; Cosmetics - Used to allude to "magnificence and brilliance" - Same word utilized of Moses in Ex. 32. God had supplanted Job's agony with God's brilliance. - The people who get "more" will find that they generally have motivation to laud the Lord, in any event, when everything goes awry for life! (Sick. Work 1:20-21) (Ill. "The Church Of Providence" in Swana Corner, NC) Conc: I need "more"! I need the "more" God brings to the table! I need the "honors" of "something else" that are accessible to the people who will walk the "pathway" and pay the "cost". Do you need "more"? Come get it! There's a lot of "something else" to go around!

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