Introduction: It has been said that Job lost everything during his season of difficulty. The facts confirm that he lost his family, his funds, his wellness and his companions, yet through everything, he never lost his confidence or his relationship with the Lord. At the point when everything went badly for Job's life, he actually kept up with his trust in the Lord. In doing as such, he exhibits to us what our obligation is to God while we go through the valleys of life.
Everybody in this room goes through troublesome times. As a matter of fact, there has never been a human existence that was liberated from weights and cares. This shouldn't astonish us in light of the fact that the Bible lets us know that things will be like this, Job 14:1; 5:7; John 16:33. Augustine put it along these lines, "God just had one Son on this planet without transgression, however none without affliction." At the point when these times happen upon us, we can respond in one of two ways. We can either push toward God, or we can create some distance from Him. I have seen preliminaries produce the two responses in individuals to whom I have served throughout the long term. Joseph Lincoln got this mentality when he said, "Inconvenience influences people in an unexpected way. Inconvenience resemble blistering climate, it sours milk, however it improves apples." It is my conviction that preliminaries come to assist us with filling in the Lord, Rom. 8:28; Eccl. 3:10. If so, then, at that point, it makes sense that we are normal to complete specific obligations while we are in the valley. What I mean is that our times in the valley are not times to be detached, yet they are times to be favorable to dynamic. God has specific assumptions with regards to our perspectives and ways of behaving while in the valleys of life. For this message, I might want to draw from the experience of Job. I might want to show you that Job played out specific obligations while in his valley that stand as a declaration to you and me. I accept that what Job did is what we should do. As we investigate this section, let me share with you the experience of Job, and in doing so I might want to represent some time on the idea: My Duty While In My Valley. I. 1:20 THERE MUST BE A DEVOTION TO GOD A. Sick. All that Job lost! Large numbers of us would have responded out of resentment and dissatisfaction. Many would have turned on he Lord and reviled His name. Not Job! His reaction was go before the Lord in love. (Sick. He shaved his head and lease his garments. Both of these demonstrations were signs that Job was in grieving and that he was crushed, however the way that he adored demonstrated that he was not broken,) B. We should ask ourselves what it would take to make us turn on God. At the point when Job thought about this, his reaction is kept in Job 13:15. Work says that regardless of whether the Lord ends his life, he will in any case confide in the Lord. And you? C. We want to recall that the pearl, which is so valued and esteemed, is the result of affliction. There would be no pearls were it not so much for torment. So it is in the Kingdom of God. God's most splendid stars are the people who have persevered through the most misery. At the point when inconvenience comes, resemble the plant sticking to the tree. Assuming that the breeze blows one way, you will be protected from its power. Assuming that it blows the alternate way, it will just press you nearer to the Lord. As such, Never quit! (Sick. What we truly need to do is to pause and consider all that Jesus languished over us and extraordinary value that was paid for our reclamation. At the point when these things are kept in the front of the brain, then, at that point, stopping on the Lord, Isa is unimaginable. 51:1.) I. There Must Be Devotion To God II. 1:21-22 THERE MUST BE A DEPENDENCE UPON GOD A. At the point when Job opened his mouth, it was not to grumble or to whimper. At the point when He talked, it was to laud the Lord and to announce his proceeded with reliance upon the power and will of God. B. At the point when we are going through the valley, it would do us well to recollect a couple of insights that are effortlessly forgotten by us Baptist people. Permit me to invigorate your recollections tonight. 1. God's methodologies are not our methodologies, so we won't ever sort Him out - Isa. 55:8-9. 2. We can not create anything through self-exertion, so we should trust Him for everything - John 15:5; Matt. 6:33. (Sick. This doesn't imply that we are to plunk down and sit idle. It implies that we are to look for the Lord's will then effectively seek after it until the Lord gives us another thing to do. 3. We can not achieve anything through stress - Phil. 4:6-7 (Ill. Mark Twain "I'm an elderly person and experience known numerous difficulties, yet a large portion of them never occurred.") Too frequently we ask inconvenience by stressing over things we essentially can't change. Trust is the main choice we have, and the main choice will work! 4. Each preliminary, regardless of how terrible it is, is something beneficial for you - Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17; Rom. 8:18. God is only embellishment you in His picture. (Sick. On one occasion a minister, who had lost his whole family in a fire related accident, was strolling through his city, deterred, discouraged and crushed. He was pursuing for comprehend God's motivation in permitting him to endure so extraordinary a misfortune. As he strolled, he passed a building site where an incredible house of God was being constructed. He looked as a stone shaper etched a little triangle out of stone. Trinkets, the evangelist asked him what he was doing. The stone shaper halted his work and highlighted a spot close to the highest point of the transcending structure and said, "Sir, do you see that minuscule opening at the highest point of the house of prayer?" "Yes", answered the minister. "Well", said the stone shaper, "I'm removing this piece down here so it will fit in up there." In a moment, the minister understood that this was the thing God was doing in his won life. He got harmony and had the option to get back to his service with a recharged trust in and energy for the Lord.) (Sick. In the blackest evening, God is sorting out His arrangement for your life. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it along these lines, "When it is sufficiently dull, men can see the stars." If it takes your strolling through a most unfathomable valley for you to fill in the Lord, then over the long haul it will merit all the aggravation and enduring you are called upon to persevere.) C. You can rely upon God. He won't ever bomb you nor spurn you, Heb. 13:5. He will come through for you.(Ill. Numerous Baptist people live by this saying, "Why trust when you can stress?" Yet, the Bible shows a far various methodology. The Bible inquires, "Why stress when you can trust?") I. There Must Be A Devotion To God II. There Must Be A Dependence Upon God III. 2:8-10 THERE MUST BE A DILIGENCE BEFORE GOD A. While the facts confirm that men are to confide in the Lord for everything, we are as yet expected to give our very best. Notice that 2:8 secures Position sitting in the debris heap rejecting his bruises with a piece of broken earthenware. He can't do a lot, however even in his valley, he is giving his very best, 1 Cor. 15:58. Never permit your concerns and preliminaries to make you quit on God. Be tireless in your stroll with the Lord and He will certainly favor and use you for His magnificence! (Sick. A sales rep got lost on a side street, so he prevented to ask bearings from a battered and unshod man sitting before his weather beaten house. Subsequent to getting the data he really wanted, the sales rep inquired, "How can your cotton come on?" "Ain't got none," answered the rancher. The explorer proceeded, "Did you plant any?" To this the man answered, "No, terrified of boll weevils." The guest endured, "How is your corn doing?" "Didn't establish none. Apprehensive there wasn't goin' to be any downpour." Undaunted, the outsider made still another question, "How are your potatoes?" Again the answer came, "Ain't got none; terrified o'potato bugs," Somewhat perplexed, the sales rep made one last request, "Truly, what did you plant?" The response was, "Nothin', I just avoided any unnecessary risk." Sounds like a great deal of Christians right? Excessively terrified of what could end up getting anything going." B. Notice that Job utilized a piece of broken ceramics to scratch himself. Contained in this picture is an extremely extraordinary gift from the Lord. The illustration is this, the people who have been broken can be utilized by the Lord to help other people who are being broken. At the point when you have had to deal with the valley, you know how to help other people who are showing up behind you. Keep in mind, when you are in the valley to realize every one of the illustrations which God needs to educate you. Then, when you come out the valley, you will actually want to help other. Sick. Psa. 84:6) I. There Must Be A Devotion To God II. There Must Be A Dependence Upon God III. There Must Be A Diligence Before God IV. 2:10 THERE MUST BE A DECLARATION ABOUT GOD A. All through his experience, Job never knocked God. He praised constantly the Lord, in any event, during the haziest hours of his preliminary. This extraordinary confidence is visible in 1:21 and 2:10. B. We would do well to recollect that quite possibly of the surest way out of the valley is to magnify the name of the Lord. The holy person who figures out how to laud the Lord in any event, when amidst preliminaries and hardships is a holy person who likely doesn't know about the valley! Individuals who center around their concerns are individuals who have numerous issues. Nonetheless, individuals who center around the Lord are individuals stroll through their valleys with elegance. These individuals have issues, however their emphasis is on the Lord and not the valley! C. If it's not too much trouble, note that Satan's expectations were to land Position to betray God, 1:11; 2:5. He crushed Job hoping to get some old harsh, mean and scornful response. However, every time he applied strain to Job's life he just delivered pleasantness and recognition to the Lord. Society, when Satan presses us he hopes to get lemon juice. He anticipates that we should sass the Lord, gripe, cry, grumble, whimper and discuss how terrible things are. He hopes to get the old "Goodness poor me!" disposition. On the off chance that we could simply discover that when Satan turns up the pressure on us, that as opposed to giving him what he is searching for, we just applauded the Lord, pretty soon he would quit crushing us. Nothing will change your conditions quicker than changing your demeanor about your conditions. Assuming we truly accepted the Bible, we would yell when difficult situations came around, in light of the fact that we would realize that God is going to accomplish something significant in ou

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