Introduction: The Psalmist is taking part in petition before the Lord. As he spills his guts, obviously he is going through a troublesome time in a profound sense. His request is for the Lord not to bomb him, v. 1,17. His craving is to be justified within the sight of His foes.
As I read these words, I find in them in excess of a supplication for help. I likewise see an assertion of confidence. This man talks about a few region of his profound life that you and I want to think about tonight. His craving is for help from God, my longing is to show you the everyday issues referenced in which we ought to never be embarrassed. We should see these bits of insight as we thing on the idea, "Let me not be embarrassed!" We as a whole understand what it is to be embarrassed. Webster characterizes the word as, " feeling disgrace, culpability, or shame; feeling substandard or contemptible" We all realize what being embarrassed means, not from a reading material definition, but rather on the grounds that we have all accomplished times in life when we have been embarrassed. Furthermore, surely, there are things about us of which everybody should be embarrassed. All the same, there are a few things connected with our relationship with God of which we ought to never be embarrassed! That is the very thing I need to impart to you this evening. Thus, how about we take a gander at the idea, "Let me never be embarrassed!" I. V. 3a, 5, 14b, 16 TO POSSESS HIM A. He is "MY" God! (Sick. John 1:12) B. It's anything but an indication of shortcoming to communicate a requirement for God! (Sick. John 15:5) C. He is our wellspring of Strength, Phil. 4:13; Comfort, 1 Pet. 5:7; Matt. 11:28; Security, Heb. 13:5; Refuge, Rom. 5:9. II. V. 1, 14 TO PROFESS HIM A. Assuming you have Him, you want to maintain Him! B. Not embarrassed about individuals realizing that I am a Christian! (Il. Rom. 9:33; Luke 9:26) C. Hold you head high and gladly tell the world that Jesus is yours - Luke 12:8. III. V. 2, 17, 22 TO PRAY TO HIM A. Not an indication of shortcoming, a show of force! B. The genuine quitter is that individual who figures he can deal with it himself, 1 Pet. 5:7. C. Petitioning heaven is the Christian's most prominent asset! It opens the bank of Heaven and opens the force of God in our lives! Use it generously! There are 2 everyday issues where we should be admitted nonconformists. One is in the space of giving and the other in the space of petition! D. Jesus vowed to: 1. Hear us - Jer. 33:3; 1 John 5:15 2. Help us - John 16:23-24; Psa. 37:4; James 4:2; Luke 11:9 IV. 4, 7, 21 TO PRAISE HIM (Sick. 64 Psalms examine acclaim!) A. We have a lot to laud Him for! (Sick. Salvation, no heck, Heaven, needs, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Etc) B. We are instructed to applaud God, 1 Thes. 5:18; Heb. 13:15; Psa. 9:1-2; Rev. 19:5; Luke 19:37-40.; Psa. 34:1; Psalms 146-150; Psa. 113:1; Psa. 107:22; Psa. 135:1; Psa. 47:1 ,and so on! C. It is your obligation - Do not be embarrassed! V. V. 4, 5, 7b, 9, 20 TO PRESENT MYSELF TO HIM A. Not qualified to enter His presence as I am, yet through the blood of Jesus I am proclaimed commendable! (Sick. 1 John 1:7) B. Introduce Myself Now - Rom, 12:1 - In help C. Present my self in Heaven - Unashamed, in view of what Jesus did - Col. 1:22 D. Sick. We aren't a lot of tonight, however through the blood of Jesus we will actually want to introduce ourselves before him in Heaven. We will reserve each privilege to be there! VI. 23, 24 TO PRESCRIBE HIM A. He is the remedy for the sickness of wrongdoing! (Sick. The Gospel is mending medication for each debilitated soul!) B. We should enlighten others regarding him - Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8 C. Never be embarrassed to observe. Be glad for what your identity is, whose you are, and let others know how they can turn into that moreover! D. Tell the lost! (Sick. We are guards - Eze. 3:17-18) Conc: Never be embarrassed about anything to do with the Lord! I'll promise you that He is never embarrassed about you, Heb. 11:16.

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