Introduction: I read the engraving that goes before this Psalm since it gives us some understanding out of spotlight for these refrains. As the engraving states, this Psalm was initially a melody that was composed to commend the Lord and to respect Him for conveying David from King Saul and from every one of his foes. It can likewise be tracked down in 2 Samuel 22.
This Psalm was composed when every one of David's enemies lay vanquished at his feet. David had been given outright triumph and he needed to offer his thanks to the Lord for His superb arrangement. During the time David was running from Saul, he was in steady peril of death. Presently, he has been conveyed from his all foes and he lifts his voice in commendation to the Lord God Who has given him the triumph. This is David's melody of triumph, however you and I have a triumph tune to sing too. At the point when God saved us, He gave us triumph over our adversaries, 1 Cor. 15:57; 2 Cor. 4:17; Rom. 8:37. Presently, we who were bothered by Hell and at risk for passing on without Jesus Christ have been everlastingly saved through His elegance. Since we have been saved and conveyed from the catch of the adversary, we additionally have adequate motivation to love and acclaim the Lord. There isn't sufficient opportunity to think about this whole Psalm today. All things considered, it is the fourth biggest in the Book of Psalms. Be that as it may, I might want to put shortly in these initial three refrains and teach for some time about The God We Worship. As we invest our energy in these stanzas, we should permit the Lord's Word to help us to remember Who He is and how He has helped us, and how He can help us. Allow us to be reminded today why our God is The God We Worship. "Love" comes from an Old English word that signifies "worthship". That is to say, "to attribute worth to somebody". We love God since He is commendable. Our love credits worth to Him on account of Who He is and What He does. Allow me to impart a couple of motivations to you from these sections that instruct is the reason our God deserve our love. I. v. 1 GOD IS WORTHY OF OUR DELIGHT A. At the absolute starting point, the Psalmist makes two incredible and significant announcements. He bears his heart and lets us know what still up in the air to do. In the first place, he announces his affection for the Lord. Second, he pronounces his outright reliance upon the Lord. He is by all accounts showing that he will carry on with his existence with these two extraordinary subjects ever before him. He is letting us know that he tracks down his most prominent have a great time the Lord! B. We should inspect these two topics somewhat more intently and understand for us this evening. 1. I Will Love The Lord - The word deciphered "love" here is a word that signifies, "to cherish profoundly." It isn't the ordinary word interpreted love. The ordinary word discusses "pledge love". This word talks about "delicate closeness". It conveys the possibility of a mother's affection for a baby kid. It has cherishing one so much; you simply need to embrace them genuine close! On the off chance that it doesn't sound too contemptuous, the Psalmist is letting us know that he is so loaded up with adoration for the Lord that he simply needs to "slide up genuine near the Lord and embrace him until the end of time". (Sick. We have all felt as such about somebody we love. What number of have had their heart top off with affection toward a kid, a mate, or another cherished one and you need to connect and embrace them and hold them? This is the inclination felt by Mary Magdalene when she experienced the risen Christ, John 20:17, and by the Disciples when they saw Him likewise, Matt. 28:9. Taking into account all that the Lord has accomplished for ourselves and how He cherishes us and has cleared a path for us to be saved, our hearts ought to likewise be loaded up with that equivalent sort of affection for Him, 1 John 4:19.) 2. I Will Lean On The Lord - He refers to God as "My Strength" - Multiple times in the initial two stanzas, David utilizes the individual possessive pronoun "my". Did you understand that "my" is the main pronoun advanced by most kids? They make statements like "my toys", "my home", "my room", and so forth. This is only their adolescent approach to expressing that they realize what is theirs. (Sick. Clayton is there now!) What David is doing is communicating basic, honest confidence in his relationship with the Lord. He is letting us know that he is absolutely subject to the Lord for everything. Each ounce of his solidarity came from the Lord. (Sick. Paul - 1 Cor. 15:10) (Ill. What we can manage without Him - John 15:5, and how we can manage him, Phil. 4:13.) C. David will probably live for the Lord, love the Lord and to rest on the Lord for all that he wants, does and is throughout everyday life. I feel that is a commendable objective for each devotee! He merits nothing less and nothing less will be honored by the Lord. I. God Is Worthy Of Our Delight II. v. 2 GOD IS WORTHY OF OUR DEPENDENCE (Sick. David permits us to see a heart of love participated in the commendation of the object of its affection: God!) A. There Is Praise For A Personal God - Ill. The use of "my" once more. The main thing in life is realizing that you are right with God. Make certain, above all the other things that you are saved by effortlessness. It isn't sufficient to be great or strict, to go to chapel or to quit doing a few things that are off-base, to join the congregation or to be submersed. To be saved, there should be the point at which you go to Jesus Christ in outright confidence for salvation. Nothing else will work for anybody ever, Eph. 2:8-9; Acts 16:31; Rom. 10:9, 13. B. There is Praise For A Powerful God - In God and in his relationship with Him; David finds all the strength that he wants to endure life. Notice the eight representations that David uses to depict God and His power in our lives. 1. God Is Our Stability - David depicts God as a "Rock". This word alludes to a "rocky precipice". David advises us that when it seems the world is going wild, the adherent can remain above it all when he remains on the Lord. God permits His kin to live over the preliminaries and unrest that inundates the world underneath. Note: Our relationship with the Lord provides us with an alternate point of view on the preliminaries of life. At the point when we stand in Him, we see them through His eyes and, surprisingly, however the troubles of life could break our hearts, they actually make our hearts bow in love, Ill. Work - Job 1:20-21. 2. God Is Our Safety - David says that God is like a "fort". This clearly has reference to the grand mountain fortifications to which he escaped when he was running from Saul. David advises us that the Lord is a position of wellbeing to which the holy person can escape in the midst of difficulty and preliminary, Psa. 57:1. (Sick. Satan resembles a thundering lion, 1 Pet. 5:8. Be that as it may, the holy person has a position of safe shelter in the day of assault. God is our fortification, out spot of wonderful harmony and security.) 3. God Is Our Savior - David alludes to the Lord as his "deliverer". This word alludes to "one who saves, one who salvages, one who conveys one more from risk". This is a word that is loaded up with greatness! In addition to the fact that the Lord saved us when we got Him with conviction, however He continues saving us step by step, 1 John 1:7, and when this life is finished, we will be eventually saved when we get back in Heaven. (Sick. On the off chance that we can never track down one more song of devotion to raise to the greatness of the Savior, doubtlessly the recovered can find inside them to laud the Lord for His redeeming quality, Psa. 107:2.) 4. God Is Our Sovereign - David alludes to Him as "God". This is "El." It alludes to God as the Almighty God. This word pictures God as One Who is over all things and as One Who is in charge of all things. The holy people of God ought to definitely cheer in the information that all that happens is in God's arrangement and that He is in charge of all things, in any event, when we can't figure out it, God is still on His high position, Isa. 45:7; Rom. 8:28; Job 23:10. 5. God Is Our Strength-This word alludes to "a precipice, or an enduring stone". When all the other things on the planet is being thrown and wound, God everlastingly continues as before. He is consistently steady, Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8. (Sick. We are on the Rock, Psa. 40:2, not on the rocks! Note: "rock" comes from a root word that signifies "elevated". Jesus is our Gibraltar! He is secured profound and transcends everything. He is unfaltering and unassailable! David lets us know that God is all we want. We ought to cheer in reality that the Lord God of Heaven will be the strength of our lives. Understands what we will generally not face as we carry on with the long periods of our lives, however we can realize that God in Heaven will give us the strength we want to confront life's preliminaries and fight and that He will help us up and down the way, 2 Cor. 12:9-10; Isa. 43:2; Heb. 4:14-16. Recollect that He is a consistently present God - Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20; Psa. 46:1. 6. God Is Our Shield - David considers the Lord a "buckler". This basically signifies "a safeguard". At the point when inconvenience comes into your life and mine, occasionally the Lord will permit those what might be on the horizon and He will give elegance. Notwithstanding, there are times when the Lord ventures between His youngsters and their preliminaries and goes about as a safeguard to remain between His kid and the tempest that is coming. I like it when the Lord is my safeguard! Just in Heaven will we completely appreciate the times when God, in His fortune, has mediated in our lived and conveyed us from some horrible thing that was going our direction! (Sick. Calvary - He was our safeguard on that day! He remained between us a the horrendous rage of God!) (Sick. West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska detonated on Tuesday night, March 1, 1950, at 7:36 PM. While the structure detonated, it was completely annihilated! Not a wood or a block was left remaining over the ground. It was a thoroughly destroying blast. The ensemble generally met for training speedily at 7:30 PM on Tuesdays for training. In any case, on one specific Tuesday night, nobody came to the congregation on time. One turned out to be sick, severa

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