Introduction: Everyone in this room knows the truth of difficulty and emergency. We have all seen, and most have encountered, a portion of the conspicuous misfortunes that tail the people who live in this world. There is struggle surrounding us that we can clearly see. Passing, illness, fighting, difficulties, torment, distress, and so forth, are self-evident and obviously seen by each and every individual who lives in this world.
There is an area of contention that happens around us and inside us that we can't see. I'm alluding to the contention that occurs in the otherworldly domain. We are totally participated in profound fighting, regardless of whether we understand it. In this conflict, this war that shouldn't be visible, there are numerous setbacks. In this conflict, there are no honest dissenters. There are just the people who are ground up and separated by the profound emergencies they face throughout everyday life. In this text, the shroud is pulled back only a tad. We are permitted to get a brief look at the profound fighting that happened in Job's life. We are permitted to see and comprehend a tad bit of what unfolded in the background in the best misfortune of Job's life. In this text, we are permitted to witness occasions that happened in Heaven. What a distinction it would have spread the word about in Job's life had he what was occurring. Be that as it may, he didn't; and neither do we. At the point when preliminaries come our direction, we generally appear to fail to remember that God is behind our damages and that He has an arrangement in our agony. This section helps us to remember that extraordinary truth! I need to look again at Job's extraordinary season of misery. I need to assist us with gaining from the fighting that Job confronted. There is help here for us when we face our own seasons of misery and distress. There is help here for those times when our foes are showed against us. There is help here, in the event that we will hear it, and assuming we will get it! I need to teach for a couple of moments about The Invisible War. I need to share a couple of contemplations that current themselves in this entry today. As I teach these things today, if it's not too much trouble, recollect that very much like Job, we are participated fighting with a profound foe who looks for our obliteration; however like Job, we have One with us Who can reinforce us, keep us and see us through any fight we might wind up connected it. How about we explore The Invisible War. I. v. 1-5 AN UNLIKELY CANDIDATE A. v. 1 Job's Character - Job was a man of virtue, trustworthiness, and sacredness. He was a man who carried on with his life in the feeling of dread toward the Lord. He was a man against whom nobody could make an allegation that would stick. B. v. 2-4 Job's Commodities - He was well off and he was honored. The Lord had regarded Job by giving him incredible wealth and an enormous, cherishing family. The endowments of God were obviously evident in his life. C. v. 5-6a Job's Commitment - Job served the family minister. He adored his youngsters and he appealed to God for them, offering penances to make up for their transgressions for a brief time. Work was a man focused on the Lord and to his loved ones. D. v. 6b Job's Consistency - Job was certainly not a parttime devotee. He experienced this way the entire life. Consistently was spent in sacred living, in keeping away from wrongdoing, in looking for God for other people and in experiencing his relationship with his Lord. (Sick. Everything make Job a far-fetched possibility for inconvenience and languishing. The vast majority have the possibility that we languish over bad behavior. That is most likely what Job's better half and companions thought, Job 2:9; 4:7-9; 8:1-6; 15:1-6. The truth of the matter is, at times we in all actuality do endure in light of our wrongdoings and our absurd choices. Once in a while we endure in light of the fact that others sin and settle on stupid choices and we become involved with their obliviousness. At times, God will send enduring to test and develop our confidence. Now and again He permits it to come to purify our lives. The best explanation we languish is over the brilliance of God, John 9:1-3; 11:4. As we will see, for that reason Job is experiencing in these stanzas. This simply advises us that nobody is invulnerable to misery. Nobody in this world is over the damages and issues that come our direction. One truth we ought to detract from the book of Job is that the tree that stands the tallest is the tree that is probably going to get struck by the easing up. At the point when you are committed to the Lord, to His will and to His work, you are a contender for torment and languishing. You are bound to be gone after when you live nearer to the Lord than you are in the event that you are not living for Him! As opposed to prevalent thinking!) II. v. 6-12 AN UNSEEN CONFLICT (Sick. While Job is carrying on with his life out on the earth, occasions are occurring in Heaven; occasions that Job can't see, and isn't conscious of. That equivalent clash actually continues today!) A. v. 6 A Heavenly Assembly - The other-worldly creatures show up before God's lofty position. Evidently, they are there to give a record of their administration to Him. We surely don't see all that is occurring, however we are beguiled by the presence of a being called Satan. Satan, the being inside whom sin began, shows up before the Lord! Satan, the most wicked being in the universe remains before God Himself. This is a unimaginable assertion! All things considered, God is sacred to such an extent that He couldn't in fact view sin, Heb. 1:13, yet there stands Satan. Contemplate who we are managing here. He is called by many names in the Bible. The following are a couple: Abaddon, Accuser of the brethren , Adversary, Angel of the abyss, Angel of light, Antichrist, Apollyon, Beelzebub, Belial, the Devil, the Dragon, Enemy, the Evil soul, the dad, all things considered, the divine force of this world, the incredible red mythical beast, Lucifer, Murderer, that old snake, the force of obscurity, the force of death, the Prince of this world, the Prince of the force of the air, a thundering lion, the leader of murkiness, the seducer, the criminal, the mischievous one. His names alone pronounce his personality. However, there he remains within the sight of the Lord in Heaven. (Sick. There will come a day when he will be projected out everlastingly, Rev. 12:7-12. B. v. 7-8 A Heavenly Acknowledgment - Not just does Satan show up in Heaven, yet his presence there is recognized by God. God demands an explanation from him for his exercises. I would rather not get stalled on this thought, however remember that Satan is a made being. His position and power are restricted by the sovereign power of Almighty God. You will see Who talks first, 1:7; 2:2, who will see Who talks last, 1:12; 2:6, and you will see who leaves Heaven when the discussion has finished, 1:12; 2:7. C. v. 9-12 A Heavenly Accusation - When Satan is gotten some information about Job, Satan uncovers his actual character. He satisfies his name. "Satan" signifies "the foe; one who remains contrary to another." Satan lets the Lord know that the main explanation Job serves Him is on the grounds that God has taken care of him. That's what he says if God somehow managed to eliminate His hand from Job's life, Job would walk out on the Lord. (Sick. It is truly an allegation from all in all an informer. Did you had at least some idea that Satan is as yet remaining against individuals of God? Did you had any idea that he actually blames you and me for transgression before the high position of the Lord? One man said that Satan resembled an undertaker, since he was continuously attempting to uncover soil on the holy people. He is the "informer of the brethren", Rev. 12:10, however even notwithstanding his allegations, the holy people of God have an Advocate! Satan puts on a good show of an indicting lawyer. He uncovered our shortcomings and our devilishness before God, and more often than not, he doesn't need to make anything up! Indeed, even while he denounces us before God, we have One Who argues our case before the bar of Heaven, and he goes by Jesus Christ, 1 John 2:1! Thank heaven!) III. v. 7-19 AN UNBELIEVABLE Emergency (Sick. However much he can, Satan releases Hell in Job's life. In one mind boggling, terrible, fantastic day, Job saw almost all that he cherished and lived for removed.) A. v. 14-17 The Scope Of This Crisis - As this emergency in Job's life unfurls, he knows about the robbery and annihilation of all that he has worked for what seems like forever to gather. This emergency is aggregate and it is crushing. Work is torn from his roost on the apex of accomplishment and he ends up broken and battered with nothing left of his previous greatness. B. v. 13, 18-19 The Sorrow Of This Crisis - Just when Job figured things couldn't deteriorate, the most destroying fresh insight about undeniably arrived at his ears and tore his heart from his chest. He was informed that every one of the ten of his youngsters were dead, having been killed at one time when the house they were in imploded upon them. C. The Source Of This Crisis - Do you suppose a simple occurrence for each situation only one was left to proceed to carry the news to Job? It was no incident! Satan saved those individuals so they could go to Job and drive ever more profound the knife of misery and pain. Each opportunity a courier came to Job, Satan recently realize that he would break. At the point when the abundance was gone, Satan turned his assault upon Job's youngsters. They were torn from life and one went to tell their lamenting dad. Satan realize that this would clearly push Job past the brink. That was Satan's whole reason! He needed to land Position to revile the Lord so he could take God's greatness! This entire episode didn't have anything to do with Job's riches, or with his kids. This entire episode fixated on Satan's longing to deny God of His brilliance! What Satan didn't understand was that even he and his plan were all separated of God's arrangement to build His magnificence through His work in Job's life. For that reason God took responsibility for whole issue in Job 2:3. Satan thought it was all him. From the beginning, notwithstanding, it had been all the Lord! IV. v. 6-12 AN UNRELINQUISHED CONTROL (Sick. Work is on the earth, absolutely absent to the occasions occurring in Heaven. God is standing by listening to Satan assault the worker of the Lo

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