Introduction: Last time we analyzed proof for the motivation of the Word of God. We took in the favored truth that God in a real sense "relaxed" His Word through human characters to give us an inerrant, reliable and propelled record of His disclosure of Himself and of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
I don't wish to be monotonous, however I really do feel that we want to survey a couple of the terms we experienced in our review, and I might want to add another term to list. · Disclosure - The cycle by what man heard from God precisely what God needed down on paper. · Motivation - The course of man really recording what God needed said. This is God separating His Word through human character. · Brightening - The interaction by which God utilizes the motivated record of the disclosure of Himself to address the hearts of humankind. To this rundown, I might want to add the word Preservation. This is the cycle by which God has extraordinarily safeguarded His statement through numerous propagations and interpretations. The possibility of protection holds that God has reliably managed His Word down through the ages, so that even today, approximately 3,500 years after parts of the Bible were down on paper, we can say that what we have, what we love and what we read are the actual expressions of God! Presently, we have previously found the gigantic truth that the first signatures, or at least, the compositions of the first creators were supernaturally propelled. Tragically, none of those unique signatures have made due right up 'til now. At the end of the day, you can't go anyplace in this world and find a piece of paper containing the real compositions of Paul, John, Moses, Peter, James, Daniel, Isaiah or any of the other scriptural scholars. Since that is valid, how might we be certain that the Bibles we have today are as a matter of fact exact and are the actual Word of God? Similarly as the motivation of the Scriptures can be conclusively demonstrated utilizing both the inside proof of the actual Bible and the outside wellsprings of authentic and logical proof, it can likewise be demonstrated that the Bible has been supernaturally safeguarded down right up 'til now. Considering that, we should take a period tonight to look at this issue of The Preservation Of The Holy Scriptures. I. Sacred text HAS BEEN PRESERVED BY GOD'S PROMISES (Sick. We should look at the interior proof from the actual Bible. The Bible contains a few entries that confirm God's expectation to protect His roused Word for all ages.) A. Hebrew Scriptures Promises Of Preservation · Song 12:6-7, "The expressions of the Lord are unadulterated words: as silver attempted in a heater of earth, purged multiple times. [7] Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt protect them from this age for ever." · Numbers 23:19, "God isn't a man, that he ought to lie; neither the child of man, that he ought to apologize: hath he said, and will he not make it happen? or on the other hand hath he spoken, and will he not make it great?" · Hymn 89:34, "My pledge will I not break, nor change what is left my lips." · Isaiah 40:8, "The grass withereth, the blossom fadeth: however the expression of our God will represent ever." · Song 119:89, "For ever, O Lord, thy word is gotten comfortable paradise." B. New Testament Promises Of Preservation · Matthew 5:18, "For verily I say unto you, Till paradise and earth pass, one scribble or one bit will in no shrewd pass from the law, till all be satisfied." · Matthew 24:35, "Paradise and earth will die, however my words will not die." · Titus 1:2, "In anticipation of timeless life, which God, that can't lie, guaranteed before the world started;" · 1 Peter 1:25, "Yet the expression of the Lord endureth for ever. What's more, this is the word which by the gospel is taught unto you." C. To my psyche, the end from these sections is completely clear: God had without a doubt vowed to safeguard His Word! The inside proof is overpowering! I have given you nine sections that expressly express God's aims in this. The inquiry I have for you is this: what number times does God need to express anything before we can presume that He would not joke about this? Once! We have the commitment of God, Who can't lie, Heb. 6:18, Who recognizes Himself as the "Dependable and True Witness", Rev. 3:14, that He will always impeccably protect His Word, and that is sufficient for me. In any case, while that might be all the proof Bible adherents need, that isn't all the proof we have! II. Sacred writing HAS BEEN PRESERVED BY GOD'S POWER A. Jeremiah 36:1-32 recounts the tale of God giving Jeremiah disclosure and motivation to compose a part of the Word of God. Jeremiah composes as he is directed and lord Jehoiakim pays attention to the expression of God. He gets brightening fro the Lord, however he dismisses the message. He takes the parchment Jeremiah has composed and he in a real sense slices it to pieces and consumes it in the chimney, Jer. 36:23. Clearly, he believes that obliterating the composed word will eradicate what God has said. Be that as it may, God's statement is settled, not on the planet, but rather in Heaven, Psa. 119:89. God just sent His statement again through the prophet Jeremiah, Jer. 36:28. Notwithstanding the activities of Jehoiakim, God safeguarded His Word! That is only one little image of what God has consistently finished concerning safeguarding and saving His Word down through the ages. B. Down through the ages, there have been a few coordinated endeavors by agnostic unbelievers to destroy the Word of God. · In A.D. 303, the Roman head Diocletion requested the seizure and annihilation of the multitude of Christian sacred writings. Great many early duplicates and conceivably a few unique signatures were scorched. Be that as it may, the Word of God was not killed! Sincere devotees safeguarded the Word and concealed it away in the sepulchers, in caves and in graves. Consequently the Word of God endure that assault! · The French humanist Voltaire once said, "One more hundred years and there won't be a Bible on the earth." Two centuries have gone, and the dissemination of the Bible is one of the wonders of the age. After he kicked the bucket, his old print machine and the very house where he resided was bought by the Geneva Bible Society and made a stop for Bibles. On December 24, 1933, the British Government purchased a book called Codex Sinaiticus from the Russians for a portion of 1,000,000 bucks. Around the same time, a first release of Voltaire's turn out sold for eleven pennies in Paris bookshops. · Joseph Stalin This horrendous butcher assumed control over all of Russia upon the passing of Lenin in the late twenties. Starting here on until his passing in the fifties, Stalin organized a "boycott the Bible" cleanse from the U.S.S.R. for example, had never been seen. The hopeless man in a real sense endeavored to wipe the Word of God and the God of the Word from the Russian public's personalities. Did he succeed? A new survey taken in Russia shows that today more individuals than any other time in recent memory have faith in God and His Word. · For millennia the foes of truth have tried to annihilate the valuable Word of God. Each endeavor to do so has bombed wretchedly as the Bible keeps on being perused and adored by a huge number of individuals. C. In 1526, William Tyndale had created the principal English interpretation of the Bible to be imprinted on a print machine. This new form was despised by the Roman Catholic Church and in especially by the Bishop of London. All a specific man named John Packington, who knew the Bishop and his scorn of the Tyndale interpretation, yet who was likewise covertly a companion of Tyndale, went to the Bishop of London and let him know he knew how to get Tyndale's Bibles. The Bishop advised him to get them and that he would readily pay anything they cost. The Bishop of London vowed to get them mind the aim of consuming them a Paul's Cross Cathedral in London. Packington when to Tyndale and told him of the arrangement he had made with the Bishop. Tyndale answered by saying that he realized the Bishop would consume his Bibles. Be that as it may, printing the Bibles had left Tyndale profoundly obliged. Tyndale chose to offer the Bibles to the Bishop of London. He saw a few benefits in doing as such. To begin with, he could utilize the cash to pay right free and clear financially and have much more Bibles printed. Also, when individuals of England saw the Bishop of London consuming the Word of God they would be come irritated. Thus, the foe of the Word of God really permitted Tyndale to take care of his obligations, right the text of his interpretation and print multiple times the quantity of Bibles that had been obliterated! Afterward, when a portion of Tyndale's partners were captured and asked where they got the cash to print their Bibles, they addressed that the cash came from the Bishop of London. This one case is verification that God can protect His Word notwithstanding the endeavors of every one of its foes to annihilate it. III. Sacred writing HAS BEEN PRESERVED BY GOD'S PROVIDENCE (Sick. In spite of the way that God vowed to safeguard His Word and that He has applied His heavenly ability to save His Word, there actually might be some uncertainty in a couple of psyches about whether we have an exact record of God's propelled in our grasp today. Indeed, we don't have the opportunity required tonight to inspect all the proof that exists for the safeguarding of the motivated Word of God, yet we truly have the opportunity to check out at a little piece of the proof that exists.) (Note: Let me express as a matter of some importance that the Old Testament text has never truly been addressed at to its validness. The Jewish recorders were reliable copyists of the heavenly text. You might have known about every one of the broad endeavors they went to guarantee that their duplicates matched the firsts in everything about. They really had men whose main occupation was to include the letters in the duplicates. They co

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