Introduction: Gary Carr recounts the account of Chippie the parakeet. "Chippie never saw it coming. One second he was calmly roosted in his enclosure, sending a tune high up; the following second he was sucked in, cleaned up, and blown over.
"His concern started when his proprietor chose to clean his enclosure with a vacuum. She had adhered the spout in to suck up the seeds and quills at the lower part of the enclosure when the close by phone rang. Intuitively she went to get it. She had scarcely made proper acquaintance when- - ssswwwwwpppppp! Chippie got sucked in. She panted, let the telephone drop, and turned off the vacuum. With her heart in her mouth, she unfastened the sack. "There was Chippie- - alive yet staggered - covered with weighty dark residue. She snatched him and hurried to the bath, turned on the fixture to the max, and held Chippie under a deluge of super cold water, power washing him clean. Then it occurred to her that Chippie was drenching wet and shuddering. So she did what any empathetic animal person would do: she grabbed up the hair dryer and shot him with hot air. "Did Chippie get by? Indeed, however he doesn't sing much any longer. He simply sits and gazes a great deal. Seeing why is not hard. Sucked in, cleaned up, and blown over! Adequately it's to take the tune from any strong heart." Life is like that occasionally. You never see it coming, however life simply sucks you up, cleans you up and blows you over. Sick. The preliminaries of Job. We are know all about the things that Job needed to persevere. He languished incredibly over the magnificence of the Lord, and for millennia, his life has remained as a declaration to the loyalty of the Lord and of His capacity to bring His kin through any preliminary. Occupation's story is one of huge consolation, basically to me. In this entry, we will see what the preliminaries of life bring our direction. We will encounter four of the Results Of Life's Trials. I. V. 9 TRIALS WILL CHALLENGE YOUR FAITH A. Sick The Context. Occupation's better half comes to him and attempts to inspire him to revile God and go to his demise with some respect. I have forever been annoyed by this lady's demeanor. Nonetheless, as I pondered all that she had persevered, I could simply start to feel for how she probably felt. All things considered, she has recently lost her ten youngsters, she is at this point not the "main woman of the east." Her better half, when the best man of the east, v. 1:3, presently he is perched on a landfill scratching his illness ridden body with a piece of broken stoneware. No big surprise she is somewhat disturbed. B. Work was first gone after in the space of his confidence. This is consistently the way with preliminaries. Assuming we will stand by listening to Satan, he will let us know that God doesn't have the foggiest idea, couldn't care less, doesn't have any idea; and can't make any kind of difference either way with our circumstance. (Sick. Try not to be shocked when your confidence is the principal thing to be gone after amidst a preliminary. Simply recall the Disciples in the tempest on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was in the boat with them but they surrendered all expectations regarding life. Once in a while, even those things we know to be totally obvious will appear to be simply dust despite our preliminaries.) (Sick. This couldn't be father from reality. Jesus is totally keen on all that we face throughout everyday life. He rushes to let us know this in 1 Pet. 5:7; Matt. 10:29-31.) C. At the point when the preliminaries of life come your direction, rather than paying attention to the confidence obliterating lies of Satan, figure out how to settle upon the perpetual commitments of the Lord God. The Word of God is certain! In this way, you can rely on the Lord to do how He has vowed to help you in your life. Your confidence in God is rarely lost! II. V. 12 TRIALS WILL CHANGE YOUR FACE A. Sick. At the point when Job's three companions showed up, they didn't perceive old Job. He looked so terrible to them that he seemed like another person. It appears to be that the preliminaries of Job's life were sufficient to change his face. B. Your preliminaries will do likewise to you in the event that you permit them to. They will deny you of your happiness. They will take your grin. They will supplant the appearance of trust with the lines of stress. It is obvious when individuals are disturbed. Frequently, you can see the concern and the strain in front of them. This is simply human instinct, yet I accept that the Lord has a fix. C. The explanation that weights and preliminaries can transform us in the manner we seem is basically in light of the fact that we permit them to! God wants that we figure out how to deal with our preliminaries by a scriptural model as opposed to permitting them to deal with us. Notice what the Lord would have us to do. 1. Figure out how To Refrain From Worry - Phil. 4:6-7; Matt. 6:25-33. 2. Figure out how To Rest In The Yoke - Matt. 11:28-30. 3. Figure out how To Rely On The Lord's Plans - Rom. 8:28. 4. Figure out how To Remember His Promises - 2 Cor. 4:17; Rom. 8:18; Phil. 4:19. 5. Figure out how To Regularly Pray About Our Trials - Col. 4:2; 1 Thes. 5:17 (Ill. Psa. 55:22; Psa. 62:8). 6. Figure out how To Rejoice In The Midst Of Trials - 1 Thes. 5:18; Eph. 5:20. D. At the point when the preliminaries of life get you and crush you, Satan yearns for you to deliver lemon juice. He needs you get sharp and severe at God about your preliminaries. For probably the first time, confuse him. At the point when life presses you simply keep on serving the Lord reliably and to commend His superb name. If you have any desire to make Satan frantic, there could be no more prominent way! III. Preliminaries WILL REVEAL THE CHARACTER OF YOUR FRIENDS A. At the point when the companions of Job showed up, they accompanied no inspirational statements for the enduring holy person. Regardless, they made an honest effort to push him farther down in his hopelessness. Simply a little example of what they shared with him is as per the following. 1. Eliphaz - This is the man of Testimonial Experience. He has proactively been there and done that. Regardless of what you go through, this sort of individual has had it more terrible. Realize anybody like that? (Man will bomb you, Jesus can't - Pro. 18:24) A. 4:3-4 He Flatters Job - Tells him what a gift he has been, he truly flatters old Job. B. 4:5-11 He Flogs Job - He blames him for Hypocrisy, v. 5,8; Weakness, 5-6; 10-11; Wickedness, 7-9. C. 4:12-5:27 He Floors Job - Says that he is Self-honorable, 17; Not acknowledged by God, 5:1; Simply getting what he merited, 5:13; Has a terrible demeanor, 5:17. In 15:2, Eliaphaz ventures to call Job and old chatterbox! There is something else, however who needs a companion like that? 2. Bildad - This is the man of The Traditional Explanation. A. 8:2 His Attack - He calls Job and old bigmouth B. 8:3-22 His Appeal - Bildad expresses that everything ended up jobbing in light of the fact that he was a terrible individual. 3. Zophar - The man of the Total Estimation - He takes a gander at the circumstance and basically advises Job that he really wants to atone of his wrongdoings and get right with God, then these things wouldn't occur. 4. Elihu - The man of Truthful Expression - It takes this extraordinary talker 6 parts to let us know that God is perfect and fair. He never ends up being useful. B. Do you have any companions like these men? Now and again, we as a whole have everyone around us that appear to do their best to keep us in our places. They feel that they must bring up our disappointments and our weaknesses. God convey us from companions like these! (Sick. Occupation's disposition toward his companions - Job 12:2; 13:4) C. My entire point in expressing these things has been to show you tht men will bomb you. Our companions in this world are only miscreants like we endlessly are inclined to disappointment, Psa. 146:3. Notwithstanding, Jesus Christ won't ever bomb the people who place their confidence in Him - Deut. 31:6-8; Heb. 13:5; Pro. 3:5-6. There is a Friend who won't ever come up short - Pro. 18:24. IV. 1:20-21; 42:10-17 TRIALS WILL CONFIRM YOUR FOUNDATIONS A. Eventually, Job was reestablished to the station he recently held - Job 42:10-17. God gave everything back. (God reestablished everything! 1. Wellbeing 2. Funds 3. Family 4. Relationship with mate B. Life never goes as we plan it, yet it never shocks God! He knows the manner in which we take and when we are attempted, we will approach as gold, Job. 23:10. God knows how to take the most terrible that face and transform it into extraordinary triumph in our lives. He may not give everything back similarly as it was, yet you can depend on the Lord to substantiate Himself steadfast in your season of preliminary. C. I accept that Job's extraordinary triumph relies on the way that he never neglected to focus on God in his preliminary. Notice his activities in 1:20-21. He was a messed up and lowered man, at this point he was as yet ready to lift up the name of the Lord and give recognition to the God of Heaven. However long you can in any case adore, you actually have the triumph! (Sick. Regardless of whether we live it, the triumph is our own at any rate - 1 Cor 15:17; Rom. 8:37.) Conc: As you have confronted the preliminaries of life, I am certain you have seen the things validated over and over. I don't have any idea what valley you might be strolling through tonight, yet I truly do know a God who needs to assist you with getting securely through it. Will you carry your need to Jesus this evening? Will you preceded Him and lay everything down? Whatever the circumstance, whatever the preliminary, whatever the weight of need, kindly carry them to the Lord at this moment. Will you do that?

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