Introduction: One day, six visually impaired men chose to go to the zoo. They recruited a manual for educate them concerning every one of the outlandish creatures they couldn't see. At the point when they came to the elephants, the animal handler believed them should have in excess of a verbal depiction, so he permitted them each to feel the elephant.
Since the elephant was enormous, and since the animal specialist had restricted time, he let each man contact one piece of the goliath warm blooded creature. The primary visually impaired man connected and his hand got the elephant's tail. "Aha," he shouted, "the elephant resembles a major rope." The following man felt an enormous elephant leg. He looked abnormal, no rope was simply enormous. "No, the elephant resembles a huge log or tree." He made certain of this. The third visually impaired man strolled forward and ran straight into the elephant's side, whereupon he articulated that, "The elephant is actually a major wall." Then, one more of the visually impaired men connected and grabbed hold of one of the elephant's ears. It probably tickled, in light of the fact that the elephant squirmed the enormous ear, making the fourth man shout, "Goodness, see this, the elephant resembles a major fan." The fifth visually impaired man concluded that the initial four were all marginally foolish and they couldn't be portraying a similar animal, so he painstakingly strolled up and put out his hand, the elephant raised his trunk to the one who felt it and smiled in wonder. "My companions, it is clear the elephant resembles an enormous snake." The last man was completely befuddled, he strolled forward and connected, expecting to track down reality, and experienced a tusk. He stopped and lit up, "I get it, the real essence of the elephant is this, he is a blade." The animal handler and guide grinned at each other, realizing that none had seen the huge, monstrous, picture. This was the issue which faced the essayist of this Psalm. He was taking a gander at his circumstance from some unacceptable vantage point. How frequently would we say we are at legitimate fault for exactly the same thing? There are times when horrible things come our direction over the span of our lives. At the point when this occurs, we will generally just gander at what we can see. Notwithstanding, there is something else to the image besides what these human eyes can see. This Psalm shows us how to get our eyes off of our conditions and spot them decisively upon the Lord. Our companion Asaph was prepared to stop. He was prepared to call it quits and simply leave God. Nonetheless, he figured out how to take a gander at things, not from a broken human point of view, but rather according to the point of view of God. Like those 6 visually impaired men, where an individual stands figures out what that individual sees. That is the idea I might want to foster today. We should get to know one another in this Psalm as we consider the idea Where You Stand Determines What You See. I. V. 1 HOW ASAPH HAS BEEN EDUCATED In this first stanza, we see Asaph remaining on Solid Ground. He has been shown about the integrity of God. He has been instructed that the Lord is only great. This is valid! Jesus, Himself, vouched for the decency of God, Matt. 19:17, "...there is none great, that is to say, however God...". He has been shown two incredible bits of insight... A. God Blesses His People - This is a genuine assertion - "For the LORD God is a sun and safeguard: the LORD will give beauty and brilliance: no decent thing will he keep from them that walk correctly." Psalms 84:11 B. God Blesses The Pure - This is another genuine assertion - Matt. 6:33. I. How Asaph Has Been Educated II. V. 2-16 WHAT ASAPH HAS EXPERIENCED Asaph had taken in reality with regards to God, however what he encountered in life appeared to go against what he had realized. This carried him to a position of disarray and uncertainty concerning God. In this part of this Psalm, we see Asaph remaining on Slippery Ground, v. 2. The issue for Asaph is similar issue we as a whole face occasionally. We confuse the integrity of God! We frequently feel that integrity converts into favors. Why not get some information about the rationale of this? Do you suppose, in any event, briefly, what Job got through was something pleasant? Indeed, it wasn't! In any case, eventually, he had been carried nearer to the Lord and he was honored by God for his dedication! For such a large number of years, a sort of "wellbeing and abundance Gospel" has been taught in our places of worship. Individuals have been persuade to think that assuming they carry on with the right sort of lives and do the right things, then the Lord is committed to favor them and give them beneficial things. My companions, that sort of instructing is obviously false! Frequently, the Lord will permit things in our lives that are difficult to bear. He will put loads on our shoulders that will in a real sense break us under their weight. This is definitely not something charming, yet it is something vital! What we neglect is that the Lord is forming us into His picture. What's more, for a chunk of dirt as gravely deformed as I am, that takes a ton of pressing. Asaph had taken in reality with regards to God. Yet, I rehash, what he had found out about God didn't oblige what he had encountered on the planet. Thus, he was confounded by a few things. Notice what Asaph was befuddled about: A. V. 3 By The Prosperity Of The Sinner - It annoyed Asaph that the underhanded succeeded while the offspring of God managed without. B. V. 4 By The Peace Of The Sinner - He watched the underhanded carry on with their lives in transgression and sneak off into forever without any issues whatsoever. He was astonished at the harmony they had in death. C. V. 5 By The Pleasure Of The Sinner - He was surprised that the devilish could carry on with lives of such sin and do as such easily. Their great times just appeared to move endlessly! D. V. 6-11 By The Pride Of The Sinner - Because they carry on with the lives they do, and there will never be any resistance from God, they are loaded up proudly before Him. They say, "God doesn't have the foggiest idea! Regardless of whether He. He is feeble and incapable to make any really meaningful difference either way with it by any stretch of the imagination", v. 11. Meanwhile, they press the last drop of joy from life, v. 10. It appears to Asaph that they have it made! E. V. 12-16 By The Progress Of The Sinner - When Asaph took this in, it made him become unpleasant in his heart. 1. He took a gander at the daily routine he had been experiencing for the Lord, v. 13. 2. He saw his own portion of distress, v. 14. 3. He took a gander at a day to day existence lived for the Lord and it made himextremely upset, v. 16. 4. However, he was reluctant to concede how he felt, since he would have rather not driven others down a similar way of depression he was strolling on, v. 15 At the point when Asaph saw these things, he wanted to stop on God. He felt like he had really burned through his time in serving the Lord. What number of have really felt as such? At the point when the preliminaries of life start to heap onto us, we are enticed to believe that we would have been exceptional off living like the remainder of the world. That there is no advantage in serving the Lord. The issue with this logic is that life is seen according to a human point of view. At the point when we take a gander at life and its concerns according to a human viewpoint, we will continuously concentrate on self. All that will constantly come down to, "How does this influence me?" "What issues will I face now?" "When will I at any point have help?" "Who thinks often about the thing I am confronting?" Natural reasoning generally brings about catastrophe since it permits you to remain in some unacceptable spot and see things from some unacceptable point. On the off chance that you permit yourself to fall into the snare of taking a gander at life according to a human viewpoint you, as Asaph, will wind up where you will start to uncertainty what you know to be valid about the Lord. Companions, that is a risky spot to be! I. How Asaph Has Been Educated II. What Asaph Has Experienced III. V. 17-28 WHAT ASAPH ENCOUNTERED Starting in stanza 17, the state of mind of the Psalm changes. Asaph moves from the Slippery Ground of a Human Perspective and steps decisively unto Shouting Ground of a Heavenly Perspective. It appears to be that Asaph made an excursion to the Temple. There, he chatted with the Lord, and he permitted the Lord to converse with him. As he did, he had the option to get his eyes off of himself and the issues he confronted. He had the option to lose his Human Perspective and supplant it with a Heavenly Perspective. Notice what turned out to be obvious to Asaph when he went to the Temple. A. V. 17b-20 The Future Of The Sinner - Asaph came to understand that the underhanded may have the best here. They might have a great time and appreciate life without limit, yet that fantasy presence they are living will end when the breath leaves their body! All they need to anticipate is an unending length of time in Hell to be isolated from the Lord always, 2 Thes. 1:8-9. (Sick. Before we permit ourselves to turn out to be too desirous over the day to day routines the insidious are experiencing, we really want to consider the way that this is the main Heaven they will at any point be aware. Isn't excessively discouraging? Lost companion, you want to get right with God! You might be partaking in your life today and think that you have it made. In truth, you are cheating the grave! At some point, the clock will run out for yourself and you will end up in Hell. Is that what you truly care about? It doesn't need to wind up like that! Jesus passed on to pay for your wrongdoings. On the off chance that you will approach Him now, He will save you and take you to Heaven to live unceasingly with Him. What is it that you truly desire? Paradise or Hell?) B. V. 21-22 The Foolishness Of Self - Now, Asaph admits the way that he has been checking out at everything through a broken arrangement of focal points. He manages the issue of his own heart. (Sick. There are a significant number of God's youngsters who might need to concede that they have checked out at life the incorrect way. Rather than believing the Lord and accepting His Word, we have been at fault for checking out at our conditions and questioning the Word of God! We have been at fault for saying: 1. God couldn't care less! - He says - 1 Peter 5:7 2. God doesn't hear! - He says - Jer. 33:3 3. God isn't even there! - He says - Heb. 13:5 Rather than questioning the Lord, we as a whole need to come to where simply trust God! Foregetting God in our trouble is stupid! He is still God regardless of what we face throughout everyday life, Eph. 3:20!) (Sick. Have you been at legitimate fault for doing what Asaph did? Are you at fault for permit

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