Introduction: This entry is essential for a prediction concerning the Millennium. It worries that timeframe when Jesus Christ is reigning upon the earth in greatness and power. It is a message of trust and vow to the Jews. However, as I read this section, I am helped to remember an equal entry in Rev. 21:4. All that refrain isn't a prescience to the Jews, yet it is a guarantee to God's kids. According to notice what that extraordinary refrain, "And God will clear away all removes from their eyes; and there will be no more demise, neither distress, nor crying, neither will there be any more agony: for the previous things are died." I have hardly any familiarity with you, however I like the possibility of Jesus cleaning each of our tears away!
This evening, I need to get some margin to check this prophetic section out. I need to take a gander at what Isaiah is talking about and I might want to teach for a couple of moments on Some Tears Our Lord Will Wipe Away. All I believe you should realize that there is a superior day coming for God's kids. I believe you should realize that sobbing and distress won't endure forever. I believe you should realize that preliminaries and feelings of grief will reach a conclusion sooner or later. I maintain that you should realize that one day, God's kids are returning home and, when we show up there, God will take His extraordinary tissue of effortlessness and our tears will be all cleaned away. Here are a portion of the tears our Lord will wipe away. I. V. 8a HE WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS OF DEATH A. Demise has a general effect and many live in feeling of dread toward death and passing on - Heb. 9:27. (Since man trespassed in the Garden man has been kicking the bucket, Rom. 5:12!) (Ill. We have all been moved by it and on the off chance that the Lord doesn't return in the course of our lives, we will encounter it by and by!) B. Jesus has vanquished demise for His kin - (Ill. The revival, Matt. 28:1-6) (Ill. 1 Cor. 15:49-55) C. God's kin need not dread demise - 2 Cor. 5:1-8, Phil. 1:21-23; 1 Thes, 4:13-17. (Sick. Demise isn't the end, it is nevertheless an entry to a fresh start. Sick. 2 Tim. 4:8 the word Paul utilized for his demise was "takeoff". This word was utilized by mariners to discuss "slackening the moorings to head out for another objective." It was utilized by armed forces to allude to "striking the tents to move to another area". It was utilized by explorers to discuss "taking a seat off a pony and settling in a slow down." It was a lawful term used to discuss "taking the shackles from a prisoner and giving them opportunity." Paul didn't consider passing to be a miserable finish to life, however as another experience and as an entryway into the presence of God, v. 9.) D. Passing has been canceled where we are going, Rev. 21:4. At absolutely no point in the future will we follow a friend or family member to the burial ground. At absolutely no point in the future will see them in their final resting places. At absolutely no point in the future will the cool, frigid grasp of death grab hold on those we love! No tears over death, since death will be no more! II. V. 8b HE WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS OF DESPAIR A. This stanza advises us that this world is a place where there is sobbing. Homes and hearts are broken. Families and the existences of people lie wrecked because of the touch and corrupt of transgression. Simply this week companions, kids and guardians watched their friends and family walk off to war, not understanding what the result will be for the one they love. This world is a vale of tears! The Bible clarifies that there will be times when we will elapse through seasons of despair and distress, Job 14:1l 5:7; John 16:33. B. Indeed, even amidst tragedy now, Jesus continues giving us the triumph! Sick. Paul - 2 Cor. 12:7-9. Try not to surrender, do as Job did - Job 1:20-21. (Sick. Satan presses you since he needs to remove unpleasant juice from your life. Assuming that you will yell at him, he'll let you go!) (Ill. The Psalmist has great exhort for the individuals who are sitting back - Psalm 84:6. "Baca" signifies "Sobbing". The Psalmist tells the people who are going through the "Valley of Weeping" to "make it a well." all in all, he is saying, "When you go through a hard, profound valley, scoop out certain spots en route. At the point when God sends His downpour of invigorating into your life, it will abandon some significant water for those travelers who enter the valley after you." Friend, God may simply utilize your valley experience to be a gift to another person! Search for God in your valley, He is there, Song of Solomon 2:1. Then, at that point, when He brings you out, inform others regarding Him and how He helped you! C. A day will come when Jesus Himself will wipe away all tears - Rev. 21:4. He will recuperate every wrecked heart - Psa. 30:5. Companion, this valley, this dim evening of the spirit, won't endure forever! III. V. 8c HE WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS OF DISPARAGEMENT A. God talks about the preliminaries His kin get through essentially on the grounds that they are His kin! He is saying that daily is coming when God's kin will be abused no more! B. The present moment, it is disagreeable in our reality for an individual to pronounce their confidence in Jesus. It isn't "quite sensitive" for us to say that Jesus is the main method of salvation. The world says that we are intolerant and excessively select. They mock us for our confidence. They mock us for our stand on the Bible. They chuckle at us and call us outdated in light of the fact that we have moral principles. We accept sex ought to be saved for the marriage bed and they call us smug. We accept that marriage is saved for people, and they say we are withdrawn. We accept it is inappropriate to drink and utilize medications, and they say we are in conflict with the world. Presently, they don't care about us teaching this stuff in our holy places, yet when we attempt to share the Gospel message on the planet, they go off the deep end. They would rather not hear that they are heathens needing a Savior and any individual who attempts to let them know will be oppressed, 2 Tim. 3:12! C. Family, the day is coming in this old world when the people who don't have the foggiest idea about the Lord Jesus will wish they did! There is coming a day when the best men of this world, alongside the most detestable heathens will shout out for the stones and the mountains to safeguard them from the essence of the Lamb and from His fury, Rev. 6:12-17. There will come a day when being found in Jesus Christ will be alluring. D. Try not to be embarrassed about your relationship with Jesus! Whether it be at your work environment, at the school building or where you live, be happy that you know Him, for one day, He will eliminate the censure and the shame of His kin from off the earth! The best spot to be in that day is in Jesus Christ, saved, got by His blood! Might it be said that you are there? The individuals who are won't ever be embarrassed or humiliated, Ill. Rom. 10:11. IV. V. 9 HE WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS OF DISTANCE (Sick. Stanza 9 pictures the Jews at last seeing their Messiah in the wake of having looked out for Him for millennia. Frequently, what we see as His postpone in coming makes many become deterred and baffled. Once in a while the foe, old slew foot, will murmur in your ear "He's not coming! You are burning through your time living for Him!" I simply need to advise you that Satan is a liar! Jesus will come! At some point, He will connect the distance among us and Himself and He will come to bring us back home, to be with Him until the end of time. That is His arrangement and that is His commitment, John 14:1-3. In that day, He will supplant our moaning with yelling! We will see Him and spend our forever commending Him. This extraordinary refrain gives us three subjects that will frame the premise of our commendation in greatness.) A. We Will Praise Him For His Steadfastness - We will adulate Him since He said He would come for ourselves and He did! Notice the phrasing of section 9. "THIS is our God...THIS is the Lord". The Jews are adulating Him since He came like He said He would. May I simply remind you tonight, we serve an unfaltering God? He is dedicated, Lam. 3:23. Not the most unimportant part of His vows to you will go unfulfilled. He will deal with you in this life and He will securely ship you to His home in Heaven when the opportunity arrives. We will commend Him since He didn't let us down! We should be lauding Him for that this evening! (Sick. Every one of the commitments He has saved for you!) B. We Will Praise Him For His Sovereignty - He is classified "God" and "Ruler". These two titles advise us that He is in outright control of the way. It might get extreme on occasion, yet God is the One coordinating your means and requesting your direction, Psa. 37:23. We will applaud Him for the way that He was working constantly in our lives as we traveled, Rom. 8:28. What's more, we will laud Him for assuming us to a position where preliminaries and sufferings can't come. There is no examination between the two, Rom, truth be told. 8:18. (Sick. Might it be said that you are happy God is in charge even this evening? Perhaps we should begin adulating Him now!) C. We Will Praise Him For His Salvation - We will applaud Him there for His incredible salvation. We will commend Him for sending Jesus to pass on for us. We will laud Him for calling us, saving us and for keeping us saved. We will commend His name for His glorious, saving power! (Sick. Eph. 2:8-9; Titus 3:5 - "saved" signifies "to protect from all mischief and risk; to make no problem at all." What God has given us through Jesus is an ideal, complete salvation that won't ever fizzle until we are securely home. We are saved from the punishment, the power and eventually from the presence of wrongdoing.) No big surprise that holy people will adulate Him! (Sick. Assuming you are as of now saved, you can get everything rolling on adulating Him for that at the present time!) Conc: I truly accept that you and I will have tears and weights as long as we stroll in this world. Be that as it may, I express gratitude toward God daily is coming when He will wipe them each one away for eternity. Also, after He does, they will never get back from now onward! Thank heaven! In any case, some of you want assistance this evening! You can find the assist you with requiring in Jesus. He welcomes you to bring your tears, your concerns and your trepidation to Him, Matt. 11:28; 1 Pet. 5:7. He will hear you and help you, Heb. 4:15-16. Others might should be saved. In the event that you will come to Him and approach Him with conviction, He will s

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