Introduction: Isaiah is serving the Lord in a troublesome day. Individuals of Israel have betrayed the Lord Who reclaimed then, at that point, and they are confronting awful rebuke in light of their transgressions. The country is enduring an onslaught by the devilish, merciless Assyrians. Individuals are panicked and clearly worried about their future. Amidst this troublesome hour, Isaiah stands forward as a prophet of trust and solace.
He writes to let individuals know that a superior day is coming. He tries to comfort individuals by talking about the approaching King and His Kingdom. This section is important for that prediction of trust and solace. In these sections Isaiah is looking forward to the millennial realm of the approaching Messiah. Isaiah sees a future season of harmony, bliss and thriving. A short gander at the initial seven sections of this part gives some knowledge into why it will be a particularly honored time for Israel. · v. 1 - The desert will blossom like a rose. Sick. That is now being found in the country of Israel. At the point when they got back to their property in 1948, it was a desolate waste land. Presently Israel is a green desert garden of success and bountiful horticulture. · v. 2 - Lebanon, Carmel and Sharon were the most lovely spots in old Israel. The magnificence of each of the three will be given to the land in that approaching realm. The earth will become like Eden. It will be reestablished to its unique magnificence and greatness. · v. 3-4 - individuals are to comfort themselves with the commitment of this approaching realm. They are to rest in the Lord's guarantee to convey them from their detainers. · v. 5-6a - Those with actual illnesses will appreciate mending and reclamation in that day. They will commend the Lord for His endowments and His elegance upon His kin. · v. 6b-7 - The deserts and the dry spots will be changed into pools of water and swamps. The expression "dried ground" in a real sense alludes to a "delusion". That which offers the tricky look of water will turn into a reality in that day. · v. 8-10 - These sections discuss an expressway that will go through the land in that day. On account of the Assyrian intrusion, venturing to every part of the roads was undependable. The day will come when wellbeing will be reestablished to the land. Individuals can by and by go to Jerusalem to adore the Lord in heavenliness and harmony. · It is no big surprise these words were given as a solace to individuals of the Lord! I need to zero in on sections 8-10 today. I need to discuss this roadway that Isaiah specifies. He is expounding on a genuine street that will exist in that day. I need to discuss an otherworldly street that exists in this day. Before I do, I need to show that the gifts that Israel is anticipating have proactively been given to the holy people of God. · v. 1-2 - The dead, barren desert of our souls has bloomed on the grounds that the Rose of Sharon has moved in and has filled our spirits with His heavenly scent. · v. 3 - The frail hands that could connect for evil have been reinforced to accomplish the everlasting work of our Lord. The feeble knees that could twist at the raised area of self-importance and sin have been empowers to bow before the presence of the Lord. · v. 4 - The Lord has attacked our deadness, our dimness and our evil. He has visited us and He has saved us. He has supplanted our trepidation with His tranquility and His elegance. · v. 5 - Our dazed eyes have been opened and we have seen Him and appreciated His reality and brilliance. Our hard of hearing ears have been unstopped and we have heard His call to follow Him into another life. · v. 6a - Our faltering feet have been reestablished to completeness and we have been empowered to stroll in His ways. Our absurd tongues have been loosed and we can now sing and yell His everlasting commendations. · v. 6b-7 - The dry, dry ground of our souls has turned into a powerful stream of living water, John 4:14; John 7:38. The "hallucination" we were attempting to venture has been changed into a reality. Rather than arriving at an objective that offered only deadness and trickery, we find been given genuine harmony, genuine bliss, genuine expectation, genuine salvation and genuine fulfillment. The spot that was once fit exclusively for "that old mythical beast", Satan, has turned into a position of brilliance, favoring and the home of the Lord God Almighty. As per these sections God has recovered us, reestablished us and put our feet on another street. As Isaiah addresses the Jews about that interstate that will exist during the millennial realm, we can see something about the otherworldly street we are strolling today. I might want to teach on Traveling The Heavenly Highway. Allow me to bring up the attributes of this street. I. v. 8 IT IS A HIGH WAY · This alludes to a "regal street". In antiquated times strong rulers would assemble streets through their realms. These streets were fabricated high over the encompassing area. This kept the lord's advancement from being prevented by passing rushes, wild creatures or different obstructions. These streets were not difficult to perceive, very much kept up with and kept open consistently. It was a protected, speedy way for the ruler to head out starting with one spot then onto the next. Since nobody knew when the ruler could come, this street was not to be utilized by the average person. It was a high way held for the ruler and his court. · There was a period on my life when we were unable to walk this wonderful thruway. Our feet were immovably established on the low street of life, Eph. 2:1-3. We had to meander across the consuming sands and misleading byways of this world. We were staggered along picking our direction indiscriminately toward Hell. Each step made us be soiled further in our transgressions. Yet, when we believed Jesus, we were lifted from the low street of wrongdoing and our feet were put on the more responsible option of salvation, Psa. 40:1-3. A high way and just those realize the King can stroll on it! II. v. 8 IT IS A HOLY WAY · This street is classified "a way". This word signifies "a way; a course of life". It is likewise called "the method of heavenliness". This street is a spotless, heavenly way held for the individuals who have been reclaimed and conveyed from their wrongdoings. It is for the people who have been made "new animals" in Jesus, 2 Cor. 5:17. · Sick. We are living in a day when individuals who guarantee to realize Jesus like to mess around with transgression. The Lord anticipates that His kin should be a different group, 2 Cor. 6:17. He anticipates that we should avoid even the presence of malicious in our lives, 1 Thes. 5:22. The individuals who won't carry on with an existence of sacredness won't be allowed to walk the sublime way. A spotless life is a characteristic of salvation, 1 John 2:3-4; 15; 3:4-10. · We are "wayfaring tycoons", and that signifies "pioneers", on this street and don't necessarily have any idea what lies ahead. However, assuming we will stroll in His way, and take cues from Him, we won't "blunder". This word signifies "meander, get sidetracked, falter, and stagger". We stagger when we get out of His way and head out in a different direction! Assuming that you stroll in His won't you will ever stagger! His way is tracked down in remaining in His Word and in fellowship with Him in petition. III. v. 9 IT IS A HARMLESS WAY · This way is a protected way! The lion and insatiable monster are not allowed on this street. "Insatiable" signifies "vicious one, killer". However long the pioneer stays on the interstate, he is protected from the assaults of the people who might obliterate him. · We are totally followed by a savage foe. Satan could cherish anything worse than for us to fall into his grip, 1 Pet. 5:8. He can't contact the people who are strolling the King's roadway, 1 Pet. 5:9; James 4:7. · This street is saved for the reclaimed. Thos who have been saved from transgression and Satan can stroll with street in outright security. Yet, when we descend from the high way, we become helpless against assault! Ask Samson! He will let you know that low living conveys an excessive cost! (Sick. Visually impaired, tie and drudgery) IV. v. 10 IT IS A HEAVENLY WAY · That millennial parkway ends in Zion. The street we go prompts magnificence! Some of the time the street is level and simple to explore. At different times it is harsh and steep. No matter what the way we are called to stroll through this life, the King's expressway drives His explorers home. There is "bliss and joy" toward the finish of the way. "Distress and moaning will escape away" when the pioneers arrive at the stopping point! · There is a house toward the finish of the way, John 14:1-3. There is a magnificent city toward the finish of the way, Rev. 21:9-22:5. There is a position of harmony, satisfaction and gift toward the stopping point, Rev. 21:4. We will meet the King eye to eye toward the finish of the way, Rev. 22:4. · Continue to walk this way! Try not to search for an exit! Finish what has been started! This street prompts Heaven! V. v. 10 IT IS A HAPPY WAY · We are informed that the pioneers on this street accompany "tunes and never-ending bliss upon their heads". The street can become troublesome and the strength of the pioneer can disappear; however they travel on with euphoria in their spirits since they guess what looks for them toward the finish of the excursion. They realize the high way is the most effective way and they celebrate in light of the fact that they are permitted to travel that way. · The Lord's thruway is the most ideal way. The people who walk the King's interstate experience His tranquility, Phil. 4:7; His euphoria, 1 Pet. 1:8; His presence, Heb. 13:5; and His gifts en route, Phil. 4:19, Matt. 6:25-34. · The way might become stronger may disappear, however there isn't better way through the wild of this world than the King's roadway. Stroll in His ways and you will track down evident satisfaction and harmony for your spirit. · Sick. Regardless of whether I knew th

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