Introduction: Verse 1 notices the demise of King Uzziah. He was the 10th lord of Judah and he was a faithful man. He was profoundly affected by the prophet Zechariah and, dissimilar to a considerable lot of different lords, he never completely withdrew from the love of the genuine God. Under his impact, the southern realm accomplished influence, abundance and achievement dissimilar to any it had appreciated since the times of Solomon. Made powerful by his prosperity as ruler and by his gifts from the Lord, Uzziah tragically offered incense in the Temple, 2 Chron. 26. He was blasted with uncleanliness by the Lord for his insubordination to the Lord. He passed on in that sick condition! Insubordination to the Lord is something serious!
Indeed, clearly, Isaiah is upset by the passing of the incredible lord. All things considered, he had ruled for quite some time. His passing flagged the finish of a period of extraordinary flourishing and consistency. For Isaiah and the whole country, it introduced a period of vulnerability, change and uncertainty. However, for Isaiah, this is to be a period of rediscovery. Obviously Isaiah had his consideration zeroed in on Uzziah, yet now that Uzziah is dead, his consideration is diverted back to the Lord. What probably been a margin time in the prophet's life turned into an uptime. That which had help his consideration was eliminated and Isaiah had a new experience with God. What befell Isaiah in this occasion spotlights for us what we want during the personal times in our own lives. We as a whole have down times throughout everyday life! Those margin times can develop us, or they can demolish us, which relies on what has our consideration. We should investigate these natural sections and think for some time on the idea What We Need In The Down Times Of Life. Realizing what to do when life turns down will assist us with getting back up quite promptly. I. V. 1-4 WE NEED TO SEE WHAT ISAIAH SAW A. V. 1 He Saw God's Position - Isaiah saw God in His sway. A natural ruler might have passed on, however the Lord actually ruled. He saw the Lord in the entirety of His greatness. What's more, it significantly affected the existence of Isaiah. (Sick. At the point when life appears to go to pieces, we really want to recall the God Who is in charge of everything! What has all the earmarks of being a misfortune to us might be the best thing that could occur in our lives. Sick. Work! Sick. Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17.) (Ill. We want to recall exactly Who is in charge!) B. V. 2-3 He Saw God's Personality - The celestial creatures in the sanctuary broadcasted the threefold blessed nature of the God of Heaven. Indeed, even those righteous animals were mindful so as to respect the heavenliness and virtue of the Lord. Notice that they covered their appearances with their wings. They additionally declared the magnificence of the Lord! Isaiah at last comprehended that Uzziah could have been a decent ruler, however the Lord was a blessed God and He and He alone merited the greatness for all of life! (Sick. We want to recall that God's great trademark is His heavenliness! Our obligation before the Lord is to respect His heavenly nature by carrying on with sacred lives before Him. We are to perceive His entitlement to greatness by giving Him all the magnificence for everything in our lives, 1 Cor. 10:31.) (Ill. Isaiah discovered that this thing was not about Uzziah or Isaiah, but rather everything revolves around God! He, and He alone merits being in the spot of high standing and greatness!) (Ill. Be mindful so as not to expect the spot that has a place with Him alone!) (Ill. During the free times of life, we really want to recall Who is sorting out everything of His heavenliness and for the magnificence of His Name, James 1:17!) C. V. 4 He Saw God's Presence - We are informed that the "house was loaded up with smoke". This was an image of the presence of God. You will see that God's "train" filled the sanctuary! That talks about His robe. God was the focal figure in the Temple! Isaiah was reminded, rather strongly, that Uzziah may be gone, however the Lord was still there! He had not been spurned in any event, during this personal time, however the Lord was still with Him in extraordinary greatness! (Sick. We want to recall this reality too! On the off chance that we are saved, we are never alone, yet in any event, during the personal times of life, we actually have the presence of the ruler with us consistently, Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5.) II. V. 5-7 WE NEED TO SENSE WHAT ISAIAH SENSED A. V. 5 He Sensed His Own Condition - When Isaiah saw the Lord, he in a flash understood that there were issues inside his own heart. That happens when you draw near to Him! Drawing nearer to God and seeing Him as He is, uncovers the underhandedness and sin in our own lives. (Note: Isaiah likely thought everything was well in his life until he saw the Lord in His brilliance and blessedness. At the point when he did, he was made mindful of his own inadequacies! Until we see God and are defied with out own condition before Him, we will stay haughty and pleased, however when we encounter Who He is and what we are, it will deliver lowliness and admission!) (Ill. Isaiah didn't shout out "Trouble is my neighbor!". He shouted out "Poor me!" Until we can see our own disappointments and our requirement for contrition before the Lord, we won't ever confessed all. Furthermore, the sooner we confess all with the Lord about our own condition, the sooner we will see our margin time begin to turn up!) B. V. 6-7 He Sensed His Own Cleansing - Thank God, the Lord doesn't simply bring up our wrongdoings, He likewise gives a way to our purging! With Isaiah, it was a heavenly messenger with a live coal from the special stepped area. With us, it is the valuable blood of Jesus, 1 John 1:7-9! In the event that we at any point see Him as He is and we see ourselves as we are, then, at that point, we will precede Him in modesty and admit our transgressions. (Note: The nearer you get to Him, the more awful you look! In any case, when that acknowledgment comes, and we manage it in apology before the Lord, we will encounter His purging and we will actually want to remain in His presence and get all He has for us! Discuss a free time turning up!) III. V. 8 WE NEED TO SAY WHAT ISAIAH SAID A. He Said "I'm Available" - As soon as Isaiah gets His heart clean, he hears the call of the Lord to support. At the point when Isaiah said "Here am I", he was saying, "My free time is finished and I am prepared for administration!" He was meaning that he was over the demise of Uzziah and that his life was on the special raised area of penance for the brilliance of God! (Sick. That is the very thing that we want to say when life turns down! We want to get our everything on the raised area for God and come to where nothing matters to us except for what He needs from us! We want to submit, give up and forfeit, Rom. 12:1-2.) B. He Said "I'm Agreeable" - Isaiah told the Lord of His accessibility, yet he additionally referenced his pleasantness! We was saying, "Ruler, I am here to do what you need and I will do what you need! Send me and let me go do what you believe that I should do!" (Ill. That is a certain method for flipping around your margin times! Make yourself accessible to the Lord and get pleasing with anything He requests that you do and you should rest assured that He will favor your life and that He will involve you for His greatness!) (Ill. 15 year old young lady in Wales - "I love Jesus" was all she said and the Great Welsh recoveries broke out!) (Ill. Moody's reaction to Henry Varley's assertion, ""The world presently can't seem to see how God can manage and for and through and in a man who is completely and entirely blessed to Him.") Conc: Friends, the personal times will come throughout everyday life! You can depend on them similarly as certainly as you can rely on the sun rising and sitting step by step. Notwithstanding, when they do come, you can abbreviate their term and seriousness by essentially seeing what Isaiah saw, detecting what Isaiah detected and talking about what Isaiah said! An engaged heart, a spotless heart and a gave up heart will rapidly wind up on the vertical way. I know that is what I need in my life, what about you?

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